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17 / Male / Single
dreamers, fictional land - Antarctica
hello !! my names kieran and i love cats hshs ❤︎
please treat me well ~
i go by he/them prns <33

im open to any type of rp’s ♥︎

i have quite a bit of experience but i took a break for a while so might be rusty !!

♥︎ rules ♥︎

!! please read through the rules !!

⋆ i can play both male and female characters, [ you can ask an i’ll give you a full list of characters you can choose from !! ]
⋆ i usually prefer m x m and f x f pairings but i dont mind f x m
⋆ please specify the genre and what kind of roleplay you want
⋆ i prefer one liners and semi but please do specify what exactly is happening so i dont get confused !!
⋆ please specify your boundries and what you can and cannot do so no ones uncomfortable.
⋆ i like worldbuilding and deciding the plot before going into the actual roleplay since its easier and more fun that way !!

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