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yeonhwa - @save : delilah tells *insert name idk yet* that yeonhwa was the person who killed her father. they go to yeonhwa saying if her and haewon don't come with, they'll hurt dawn. so they both go with to some unknown location. locked up.
after about a week the people ditch haewon saying she cries and complains too much. so now haewon is gone and yeonhwa doesn't know where she is.
yeonhwa uses the computer one day for a job the people want her to do. they leave for a moment giving her time to dig a bit and she sees someone's recently posted a picture of haewon, clean and happy. so she begs and stays on her best behavior until they let her make another social media on the condition that she can't talk to dawn or haru or anyone else that might come looking for her (i still need like 2 - 3 more ppl HHH)

jinhyuk - @Babe : finds haewon after she's been wandering a few days. takes her home n cares for her n one day he posts a picture of her! n that's the one yeonhwa sees.
if dawn interacts with him bc of the picture of haewon it will lead to haewon explaining what happened n UH
i need winter to wake up so we can finish--

hui - @Hwitaek : gets kidnapped as well because of the fight he was in. they bring him to the same location as yeonhwa and he hears her first then sees her later. and now he's the only person who knows where she is even though he doesn't know where they are.
winter needs to wake up pt. 2 v.v

miniji said
the kidnapping could be someone's way to get back at dawn out of jealousy bc they're in love with him and want to get rid of the competition
he hurt them at some point and they want revenge
or he killed one of their family members n they want revenge for that--

n das it so far o.o
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1 | 7 Comments | Mar 22nd 2019 00:24

who are you today?

@softer - kwon joori
student , waitress , synesthesia , little space


@save - kim yeonhwa
hedonistic serial killer , manager , mother , trapped
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— ( ♡ )

i miss you a lot, everyday. it's been three years now and it still hurts like it did the first time i realized you weren't coming back. the first time i realized there was no "see you when i come back," because you never did. never came back. never came home. i didn't know one person could bring so much sadness to an already ridiculously sad life. i'd like to go back to not knowing. i really wish i could. that would mean you were here and everything is okay — but i can't and you're not. you're gone now from me now, really gone, probably forever. hopefully it's for the best. hopefully you're out living your best life with little to no worries and all the happiness this world has to offer you.

part of me wants you to come back, because then everything would be okay.
part of me wants you to stay gone, because once you're back you can always leave again.

i remember the first time we met, i was nervous to speak to you. i stayed on anon for about a week and the only reason you knew it was me was because of what i called you. "tiny grape eating elephant." the first ridiculous nickname i ever gave you. you liked elephants and you were eating grapes. you were acting cute and tiny too. didn't know my name, but you said i made you smile. that made me happy. gave me a bit more confidence too. one day you posted your kik and i said to myself, "well it's now or never," then i messaged you. if i'm being honest, that scared me a lot more than if i would've accidentally came off anon one day. which, i guess is what i did in a sense. told you who i was, my account, why i was nervous. you told me it was okay, thought i was cool — didn't have to be nervous. then we talked and talked and soon you went to sleep.

i remember when i first realized i had feelings for you. i was so jealous of everyone else, but i kept it to myself for the longest. it spawned the second and last nickname i ever gave you, the only one i called you from that day on. "dylyoyo" dylan and froyo, but you don't like froyo. copied me then and called me aiyaya. it hurts to be called that now.
remember when anons used to send things to everyone? the "who's your crush?" type things? you were always the mysterious D. every single time for two years. of course, you could never guess, nobody could. the only people who knew were the few i told. even with all the shipping and jokes, i don't think you really ever knew.
it was better that way though.

you're the first person i ever opened up to about the trouble i had sleeping. still the only one that knows and understands all of it. understands enough not to ask, just talk and distract .... i remember one of the times we were talking about it. you were on google trying to find me knew things that could help me sleep. real sleep instead of staying up until i pass out days later. we ended up on music, you were having trouble sleeping too. said you didn't like soft songs except for one. hey there delilah. told you it was the same for me too, sleep wise at least. made me giggle over the littlest things for hours after that. you should've been at school already, but you were late talking to me. idiot. then i toyed around with the first verse a few days later.

“ hey there dylyoyo, what's it like over in england
you're thousands of miles away, but boy you still make me smile
yes you do. the stars can't shine as bright as you. i swear it's true. ‟

i remember how nervous i was sending it to you. wasn't even anything truly originally like what i normally sent. i almost chickened out and said i lost it, but you thought it was the sweetest thing. even sent something back,

“ hey there aiyaya, what's it like sitting on the roof? ‟

god, you thought it was so dumb, but it meant the world to me. being on ask i've received many things. had tons of appreciation posts and such written about me, but that one thing-
that one line-
made me happier than all of the words and paragraphs from everyone else put together. like i told you, nobody writes things like that for me. it's easy to say how much you love someone by saying, "hey, i love you a lot and you mean everything to me." but you knew just messing around with that one line did something different.
our song. our lullaby. i can't listen to it anymore without thinking about you. it makes me so incredibly sad that i go numb. sometimes i cry and i don't even notice until i wipe my face.

one day i had run away for a bit, reasons i won't name, but you know why. it was fine, just a bit cold. i had you to talk to though and you made me laugh. distracted me, made me feel better like you always do. happy almost. i got lost on the way home and i was exhausted. falling asleep in the back of some stranger's truck, but you made me stay awake. kept talking to me even though, again, you should have been asleep. you knew i would keep replying if you did though, so you talked to me until i told you i was home. then you stayed up talking to me until you fell asleep.
the sweetest boy.

every drama that was thrown at me you were there for. you always stuck up for me even though you didn't do it for anyone else. rarely even for your best friend unless it was brought directly to you. funny. i remember one day my account had gotten hacked and the person pretended to be me for a bit until they gave up. started answering things i had saved in my questions box. you tried to make me angry, said whales were ugly. said it was cute because i turned into a baby lion when upset. you're so dumb.

two years.
you saw me go from shy and sweet to everyone to the scariest bitch on the entire site. saw me at my sh*ttiest times and my happiest times. stayed no matter how annoying i got, no matter how needy and clingy i was. then one day you said goodbye. it was the day before school started up again, i remember. i was so upset because i hadn't been able to speak to you at night like usual. was holding onto the small hope that you'd be there for a bit when i got on, but you were already gone. i remember crying the entire day reading your last message over and over. then a few weeks later you came back, stayed longer, everything was okay.

and then you disappeared for good.

that was three years ago..

i miss you.

strangers ⇀ friends ⇀ almost lovers ⇀ best friends ⇀ strangers
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