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Started by SilentNightmare2234 , Mar 11th 2017 20:23

SilentNightmare2234 - Mar 11th 2017 20:23

Okay, I am going to be a little more specific with what I am looking for in this one. I am looking for preferably a one on one rp since that is what my schedule allows me to handle right now.

I am going to try and keep this brief so I don’t scare anyone away with my usually long introductions. In short, this rp will involve my character Min who is a 10 year old child with uncontrollable abilities. That is not the worst of her problems as she has several shadow demons and other supernatural beings after her. The only problem is that anyone who crosses her path ultimately faces their own slew of problems and confrontations even if they only meet the girl for a second. I posted this in the medical sections because yes, Min has a lot of health issues and I would like the setting to start off in a hospital. This rp will most likely contain a lot of drama and obviously some horror based elements. Even though my character is a child, this roleplay will not be filled with sunshine and rainbows. This is also just a general plot, there is a lot more that can happen along the way and of course things can be changed. I am normally pretty easy going.

I would really like someone to play a doctor or nurse character that is up for going on quite a few adventures and being the heroic type. Someone with special or unique abilities themselves would also be a plus. Of course villains are nice too and make the story interesting so… I would gladly rp with either. ^^
Please feel free to respond here or message me with any other questions or ideas. I don’t bite.

Also here is a link to Min’s profile if anyone is interested.

Edited Oct 18th 2017 02:12

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SilentNightmare2234 - Mar 29th 2021 01:44

(*Bump* Now that I am alive, let's try this again!)

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