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Anyone want to do a transformers roleplay?

Got an idea where my character kind are the true creators of the transformers and the quintasons. They had to leave there planet long before the transformers left there planet. They had to as virus hit getting rid of all the water on the planet. They only thing they need to survive. They look human at first glance. But in reality they are transformers themselves. There blood is eneragon. There bones are made of the same material as the transformers. They sleep in a pod. Unlike the bots they pod they sleep in is where they were created they are born within there pod and not from the womb like humans.

Jul 8th 2023 16:46

Winx club

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Anyone fancy descussing a winx roleplay

Jan 18th 2023 16:44


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A group exsperamenting with pokemon and eggs creating new kinds. Once their lab's are discovered they vanish with as much as they can carry. Every so often leaving clues what they are up to.

Jan 18th 2023 16:31

Thunderbirds are go

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Jan 17th 2023 14:29

Where my Transformers nerds at?!

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How are you

Nov 26th 2021 14:51