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Where my Transformers nerds at?!

winx replied to Mad-Monkey-Queen's topic

How are you

Nov 26th 2021 14:51

Thunderbirds are go

winx replied to winx's topic

Anyone on here.

Nov 22nd 2021 09:04

A Little Princess Sara

winx replied to winx's topic


Oct 7th 2021 18:18

Fairy tail

winx replied to winx's topic

Anyone interested in doing a fairy tail role play. Open here once There is enough players we can start.

This time adding real demon causing trouble instead of the man made ones of Zerf. They are known as Hells Gate.

On top of that the zodiac and God's children that come throw the gate with the dragon slayers. Also adding some demi God's to have more power

The twins behaver of the zodiac is child like so guessing they were kids when they died and when they changed into human form there behaver is similar to how they normally are. They would have to be reborn. Some with pieces since they are mother and son plus the son is a teenager no descendents would have come from them. Since its twin fish i think it will be better as twins. Don't forget the 13th gate key is also a zodiac.





Sep 9th 2021 20:18

Thunderbirds are go

winx replied to winx's topic

Anyone fancy doing a thunderbirds are go roleplay finishing off where the story ended

Jul 21st 2021 12:30