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Battynoise replied to TheFoolCard's topic

"Lmao I can't believe my account is this old

I have a fursona now, she's a hyena

Thats a great one- Ive seen cute art of some furry heyenas
Adorable fellas

Aug 19th 2023 20:07

The End Shape Shifters (open rp)

Battynoise replied to Battynoise's topic


X a Mimic in the shape of a black cat bend their neck to one side and yawns leaving a trail of moister as they walk along. After a long yawn his mouth clamps shut as if in embarrassment or self consciousness like if they had swallowed food during a meeting meal. The warm damp street matter the hair between their paws as the cool night air attempted to dry at least the upper heels of the feet. The building around looked of brick glinted in some faint purple color form the sky. The wet bricks glistened reflecting the light of the moon in specs making a kinda of visible film for the otherwise dead buildings.
Reaching a fork in the road to go either left or right and perhaps back X decided to press their chin to the wall between a window and a broken window door. Neck n collar follow and then his right paw lift up eye level against the wall. X began climbing up the wall tail flicking after every few flicks past scaling up about ten feet to bend their neck back in a uncomfortable looking way to see the shadow of the building on the street. The building was two storied, but longer than it was efficiently stacked.

Aug 19th 2023 19:23

Bounty hunter or Apocalypse

Battynoise replied to PixyStick's topic

Both options sound fun but the first sounds
more interesting to me. Reminds me of Cecil
in a old final fantasy game-

but they were just
a dark night turning a new leaf from their own

Aug 18th 2023 01:29

Haunted house??

Battynoise replied to ArtemisBarlowe's topic

who wouldnt want to be part of a spookin group of people fearing some goosts

Aug 18th 2023 01:26

A Wild Newbie Appears

Battynoise replied to Leliana's topic

Hello and welcome- ya same this site seems to be a place to
find people who wanna rp one on one or maybe more but i dont think its a platfrom for just doing it in the forums(outside of searching maybe?)
I posted something in the open section and idc if rping happens on it- tbh i'd rather a public rp

Aug 17th 2023 22:05