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Hello! Im very new to this website and looking for cool ppl to roleplay with. Heres a little bit about that:

I prefer to roleplay BakuDeku / DekuBaku, its my favorite.

Other fandoms I like include:

Undertale / Undertale AUs (Sans x Sans)
Eddsworld (TomTord or MattTord)
Warrior Cats
Rick and Morty
Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel
Others that I cant remember right now

Some of my rules/info!

- I prefer roleplays that have a romantic pairing. Its just more interesting for me, couldnt tell you why.

- I also enjoy 18+ content, but I prefer that there is an amount of plot or buildup to it.

- I generally prefer cc content, and dont often accept ocs. I will if you can persuade me, but just be aware!

- I do not roleplay one liners. I would like responses that are atleast a paragraph long!

- Please do not pester me for a response. I have work often and a social life as well, so there might be small gaps where I dont respond. Asking or checking in is fine! Getting angry at me is not!

- I do not have many triggers, so I am down to roleplay most things. Some things I am okay with include: descriptive gore, angst, light mentions of sh, and most kinks. Please ask me if something is okay to roleplay or not if it is a bit extreme, though.

- Anyone is free to DM me to ask for a roleplay. I'm also open minded so you can ask for whatever you have in mind, dont be shy lmao.

I think thats all.

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heads up: i will not be able to respond much this weekend! im partying and working, lmao. also, the bloody guilt when i accidentally send my rp partners 6ᐩ paragraphs, lmao. apologies to all.
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1  Dec 8th 2023 04:53

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