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24 / Other / Forever Alone

Please follow my rules listed below and we'll get along just fine! Also, my canon characters are at the bottom of my page!

I enjoy romance and fantasy role-plays most, but I'll do anything! You can see all of my characters in my blog, please pick the one you want me to rp as when we discuss an rp.

I have a couple of rules:

1. Literacy is a must.
2. No one liners.
3. Do not under any circumstance ask me to give you out of site personal information. Nor will I join your group, Discord server, Teamspeak server, or anything else.
4. Do not rush me within a few days of my last message.
5. I will not under any circumstance do any roleplay regarding self harm, bullying or abuse.
6. Don't come to me if you like slave roleplay, being the damsel in distress, or need someone to take care of your character. If your character puts themselves in danger regularly, my characters will sooner or later turn their back.
7. If I cannot read your bio (or anything on your profile for that matter), because you think you like an unreadable font and colour combination, you are not getting accepted.
8. Don't add me again on a different account after I've blocked you.
9. OOC first.
10. I am a huge fan of the Oxford Comma.

I am in the GMT+1 timezone, so when you look at the clock, you may know where I've gone for the night!

I prefer post-modern science-fiction and medieval fantasy. Not too big of a fan of 'Slice of Life' roleplays.

Canon Characters:


Overwatch: Genji, Brigitte, Lucio, Pharah
Rainbow Six Siege: Smoke, Zofia, Valkyrie, Ela
League of Legends: Ezreal, Rakan, Nidalee,


Avatar, The Last Airbender: Zuko, Toph
Teen Titans: Beast Boy, Raven
My Hero Academia: Kirishima, Hawks, Mina

Universes I enjoy:

League of Legends
My Hero Academia
Avatar, the Last Airbender
Rainbow Six Siege

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