Life Long Friends Chapter 1 Mickie's Return

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Impact wrestling! I'm Josh Matthews alongside Taz and tonight seems like its going to be an interesting night."
"For once I agree with you Josh, tonight promises to be a great show. We've got the Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell and the dollhouse in action against Brooke and Gail Kim. Also Mickie James was supposedly seen around the studio. Maybe she has an update for us! also Kurt Angel takes on Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Title."
Backstage was so different - from the tiles on the floor to the smell in the air nothing seemed right. "MICKIE!!!" Brooke wrapped me in a hug "I've missed you so much! Oh my gosh I hear your a mom now!" I smile and squeeze Brooke tight. "Brooke! I've missed you too!! Yeah I am a mom" I pulled out my cell phone and swiped to a picture of my healthy baby boy. "His name is Donovan, he's the light of my life." Brooke eeped and took my phone. "SHUT UP!! He's too cute! Magnus is one lucky man and you are one lucky lady." I smiled watching Brooke react to Donovan "Aw thanks Brooke... I'll bring him sometime once Nick gets to feeling better." Nick was Magnus's real name Donovan's daddy and my soon to be husband. "Oh my gosh yes! please do! I'd love to meet him!" I smiled and The Dollhouse's theme hit. "This is what the knockouts division is turning into? what a slap in the face to all the ladies who pushed to make it more than pretty faces...." Brooke nodded "I know Micks.... that's why you need to come back and show these Barbie Dolls what wrestling is all about." I smirked and heard Gail's theme hit. " I gotta run! I'll see you after my match! air kisses!" She blew me a kiss and I grabbed it smiling "Good luck!" I watched intently backstage Taryn was a strong wrestler and she loved that knockouts title it was a brutal match so far Brooke and Gail weren't looking to hot. I grew worried suddenly a familiar voice from behind me caught my attention. "Well, well a fellow country person". I jumped a little and turned around to find the tall tan and handsome James Storm behind me. "James oh my gosh hi!" We hugged each other tight "it's so nice seeing you again!" I didn't get to work with James much but the one time we worked together we won the Wrestling World Cup in a mixed tag match, I always hung out with James after work long before I started dating Nick. "It's nice to see you too honey! How's Donovan doing?!? He must be getting pretty big now!" Another deep voice from behind replied for me "yes he is getting big and he's just fine" I raised an eyebrow and turned behind me to see Nick and Donovan behind me "hi babe!! And hi Donovan how's mommy's little man?!?" I took Donovan from Nick gently and held him tight smothering him in kisses. He giggled and let me kiss him. " Nick... What are you doing here? I thought you were injured?" I looked back at Nick "he's right babe... I thought you were at home resting. You really shouldn't be here if you don't feel up to it." He crossed his arms and stared James down "I feel fine hun would be better if this scum wasn't bothering you". I ignored the comment and watch Brooke take a huge TKO giving The DollHouse the win. "And who are you calling scum? The guy who is supposed to be home getting better so he can come back to action soon and make his son proud?" I watched Gail help Brooke up and they limped backstage together. "Hey". Gail saw me "MICKIE!!!" She ran over to me hugging me gently "oh my gosh! Who is this little man? Is that Donovan?" I smiled and hugged her back "It sure is! It's his first show didn't expect him but it's always nice to see my little man!" Brooke groaned after a frustrating lose than saw me holding Donovan and ran over. "Oh my gosh he's here! Hello!! Can I hold him Micks please?!?" I smiled "of course both you ladies can hold him." I handed Donovan over to Brooke gently and turned my attention back to James and Nick. "What's that supposed to mean you sorry piece of shit?!? You think since I'm not here I don't look out for Mickie or my son, well you are sorely mistaken! I don't want you hanging out with Mickie anymore, your no good and if you ever bring up my son's name again I promise you I will give you the biggest beat down of your life!" I stood between them "whoa whoa... Hold it. James it's okay Nick has the right to be here. Now babe, you need to cool it your not telling me who I hang out with Im sorry. If I don't trust him I won't hang out with him but I trust him completely, you have to have enough fate and trust in me to know that I won't try anything". I noticed my theme song and entrance video getting ready to be played "now if you would please excuse me, I have something to say to the fans." I waited in the holding area and made my return that shock Impact and apparently the knockouts and superstars to their core.
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