OCs I play (to be updated)

Jackson Fawcett (he/him)
Description: A doctor from Victorian England. Jackson has black hair with grey and white streaks, pale skin and blue-green eyes. He is jumpy, anxious, and awkward, preferring to spend most of his time researching his one obsession: the concept of immortality.

Perseus "Perci" of Astis (he/ae/they)
Description: Perci is a sort of self-insert character of mine for a world I created specifically for RP. Ae are a young transmasculine person of around 19-20 years old. He is short and slightly chubby with pale skin, freckles, hazel eyes and golden brown hair. Perci is the prince and sole inheritor of the kingdom of Atmos, but is very naïve and reckless, and honestly would rather not rule a kingdom. But as they are the only son of the Sky God, it seems like he has no other choice.
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