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OCs I play (to be updated)

Jackson Fawcett (he/him)
Description: A doctor from Victorian England. Jackson has black hair with grey and white streaks, pale skin and blue-green eyes. He is jumpy, anxious, and awkward, preferring to spend most of his time researching his one obsession: the concept of immortality.

Perseus "Perci" of Astis (he/ae/they)
Description: Perci is a sort of self-insert character of mine for a world I created specifically for RP. Ae are a young transmasculine person of around 19-20 years old. He is short and slightly chubby with pale skin, freckles, hazel eyes and golden brown hair. Perci is the prince and sole inheritor of the kingdom of Atmos, but is very naïve and reckless, and honestly would rather not rule a kingdom. But as they are the only son of the Sky God, it seems like he has no other choice.
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!! RULES !!


- please be nice! if you’re rude to me I’m not gonna want to rp, treat me like you’d want to be treated y’know?

- i reserve the right to cancel or stop the rp/communication at any time if i feel uncomfortable or not into the rp. you also reserve this right! if something feels off and you want to stop, feel free to let me know.

RULE 1: come with multiple ideas

if you’d like to rp please already have some ideas on either plot/scenarios/characters! i want us both to have the best experience possible, and awkward/boring/repetitive rps are never fun! of course i will always have ideas to bring to the table, but this is a partnership and we need to have balance!

RULE 2: be prepared to communicate

TELL ME ABT YOUR CHARACTERS!! if you have a character (or characters) you want to use please tell me as much as you can abt them or send me a bio if they have one! the more knowledge i have the better i can help plan the rp! also, if you’re wanting/going to rp in one of my universes, be prepared to hear about said universes and characters and the way things work! i just want both of us to be on the same page as much as possible. also, if you ever feel like there is an issue, please let me know! i will be doing the same. also also, if you have a new idea in the middle of the rp, feel free to hit me with it! rps are bound to change and that’s just what makes them more fun. overall: communication is important!!

RULE 3: no one liners

i need responses i can work with! i understand not having many ideas or having your brain go blank, but if that happens you can just take a break until you think of something.

RULE 4: take care of yourself!

if you need a break, take a break! if you need water, drink water! stuff like this can stress people out sometimes, and if you need to take some time to breathe or get a snack or anything, do not hesitate! self care is extremely important and can make all situations 1000x better.


POLICY 1: character creation

if you want to create a character to roleplay in a certain universe with, go for it! in fact, i encourage/prefer it! just remember to communicate with me throughout the creation process so we’re both on the same page!


as much as i enjoy nsfw rping, i don’t want an rp to be filled entirely with nsfw unless previously established that the rp is specifically a nsfw rp. if a nsfw scene makes sense in the plot and story, then i am absolutely down to let the scene play out, but if it’s just nsfw for the sake of being nsfw then i’d rather it be left out (again, the exception being the rp being an already-established nsfw rp).

ALSO. i'm 18 now so i only do NSFW rp with people who are ALSO 18+. NO EXCEPTIONS.

that’s all for now, thanks so much for reading! i look forward to potentially RPing with you

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