Emily Decay

Emily Decay comes from a dark horrid background, her father was a drunk and abuser who constantly beat her and her mother. One day when Emily was 21 she had enough and stormed out the house late at night, only to be attacked by an unseen force. All she could remember from that night was terrific pain in the side of her neck and the feeling old warm blood trickling down her skin.

Emily headed back home, alone scared and confused. When she opened the door she was greeted by the sight of her father stabbing her mother to death. That was when everything changed. Emily felt a new sort of hunger..the kind that felt like she swallowed lava. Her throat burnt and within a split second she had her father pined to the wall, her fangs sunken into his neck. She drank him dry and dropped his lifeless body to the ground.

After everything, she buried her mother and set the house ablaze before running away. After some time on her own Emily met her ex husband Edgar..he was a sick twisted demonic necromancer. He taught her his evil ways and together they brough fear into anyone who dared step foot into their dark forest where the two of them lived.

Over the years Emily became in control on her new powers and way of living. She still had a soft side for the people she loved and would stop at nothing to make those who hurt her family suffer.

Now Emily is back on her own, broken from her ex,. but still keeping to her dark twisted ways. What will she do next? Only time will tell
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