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(Emily Decay)
28 / Female / Single
England - United Kingdom
Hello, and thank you for stopping on my profile.
My name is Emily Decay, an old dark twisted soul trapped in the modern ages. But don't judge a book just by the cover..I have a soft sweeter side too. Maybe if you are lucky enough you'll get to see that side.., either that or get a taste of my twisted mind. Either way blood may be shed..

Feel free to message me if you aren't too scared, no one likes a wimp.

(I don't mind playing other characters if need be)

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Hi guys, huge apologies for not being online today, my knees been playing up and causing some serious pain so I've been high on painkillers. Im not working tomorrow so I promise I will reply to everyone sometime tomorrow. Apologies again please don't think I'm ignoring you all.
Mood: sore
1  Nov 27th 2022 17:21

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Q. boop. ello darkling. fancy a play?
A. Hello, sure, it sounds like fun.
 Nov 25th 2022 18:45

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