An egg?

He is one particular child. He doesn't talk much yet, but one strange feature is that he never really cries, he is so calm in attitude.
Just that he is always a child, a curious baby. He doesn't have any toy, so he looks among others' things to find something interesting and he does. It is a colourful egg of various colours, shades of purple, white and dark blue.
He takes it to the other room, throwing it in the air like a ball.
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1 | Nov 20th 2022 15:00
CLoY Arashi. «I will be the best big brother, because I'm the best at everything.»

«There are many amazing places to visit in Seoul, depending on what you like. I like to go at the convenience stores a lot.» Maybe Flesh prefers more instructive kind of tourism. XD
«It looks pretty, though. I think it will tag along very well with Shangque and Snek.» He doesn't know what's with male and female dragons.

Chan. He comes to the kitchen, where he hears them, and approaches WooPil from behind right away, hugging him and kissing his cheek. «What's up here? Isn't it bed time for fbe little ones?» He hopes. XD
Lardo Why should he, convenience stores are so nice and colourful, with a lot of food. XD
He slightly nods. "I would like to see it, we can take the kids too. Have you ever seen a convenience store, boys?
Very pretty, like all the most troublemakers." He lets out a chuckle.
"Oh, Chan! Hello! Are you hungry? We are going to bed soon, there was a little accident..." He points the little dragon on the table, feasting on cookies.
CLoY «It is nice, it has things that everyone likes, lot of food and snacks and candies…» The Dreamland of every dragon. They'll wear trekking shoes to go to their trip at the closest convenience store.

Arashi. «I have never been at a convenience store but it sounds like a place I would like…» Their mom takes them to boutiques at most!

Chan. «I will eat something, shi. I hope that I won't have to eat all alone, though. Will you eat something with me?» He asks to WooPil, it's his own strategy to make sure he never skips a meal or eats too little.
He looks at the dragon. «Uh? Woh, it hatched already.» He aims to touch Raiden. «I'm surprised Shangque is not here being an ass.» Or horny, he doesn't know if it's male or female. XD
Lardo "Sounds amusing! I look forward seeing it! This is it, we are going there tomorrow...we could even visit more than one if they are not far from here.
Oh, certainly, we will leave you to your privacy then..." Well, tonight there is no risk he ate too little. "About the rooms then...we have to decide how to split with the children."

They should worry Shangque is not around. He must have found some dirty snacks somewhere.
Raiden bites Chan's finger and steps back, hissing at him. If he doesn't offer her a snack first!!
CLoY «Ye, they are everywhere, it's not hard to find them.» But they probably all sell the same stuff. XD
It always depends on his mind, some days it's binge-eating some days it's starving, but this day was definitely binge XD
«The children will have to share beds with us, I think… also where Hudie hyung will sleep…»

Chan. He moves his finger away from here. «This is a little asshole eh! Where is my dragon when he should be defending me!!» He snorts, already imagining Shangque watching dirty shows while eating garbage.
«Will the kids manage to handle this one?»