Hazaar Litsa

Hazaar Litsa
Age: In human years 236
Species: Changeling sub-species
Height: usually around 2 meters
Normal look: He prefers to keep black hair and green eyes, his hair length stays roughly at midriff length and he prefers to keep it straightened, is normally keeping a face similar to the last one he stole, so do not ask for too much information constantly, he usually keeps his body slim but if he needs to he can become roughly 350 pounds with blubber additions as need be, he cannot adjust his muscle mass so he can make faked muscles with blubber additions.
True Disguise- He adjusts his face and body to mimic that of one of the enemies, he usually will do this only in times of dire need to save a person, or he will mimic one of his puppets to blend in with their crowds. The reason for the rarity of this is due to the fact that it eats at his energy stores massively, he has to shed an entire skin to create a new persona look, he will be able to do it slowly and more commonly outside of combat, the faster he does it, the more energy it eats away.
Puppetry- He makes and controls puppets that have 5 ranges of types, he changes which ones he will use dependant on who he is fighting, they are stored under his estate so that he can hold them close and have an army on demand, the types are as follows, ranging from lowest armor value to highest. Scouts, Their armor is almost non-existent, they are fast as the night and have no strength to fight with, usually only used for recon. Blade dancer, Their armor is enough to survive six or seven strikes of a sword, past that their armor will be done, they are meant for close range combat, they are usually only summoned in large scale battles. Grunts, their armor helps them hold a higher strength than the other two, they are usually used for menial tasks but can be used as a form of a trebuchet if the need for such ever arose, their range is 50 meters, most common and basic form of puppet to be used. Next are Blitzers, they are heavy bruisers that swing extremely slowly, but they number only 30 in his stores, the power they swing with makes up for the slow swing and wind up speed that they have, they have enough armor to take maybe 20 strikes of a sword before the first layer of armor is gone, they have 3 layers to make sure the rare mineral innards do not get reached with ease. Lastly for the main combat units we have Flaks, they are rarer than most other types, numbering only 15 in his arsenal, they have a 300m range and are extremely slow, they have an internal magazine that feeds directly to their right arm, they have a 20mm cannon for that arm, a layered hinge chest to prevent a weak spot so that the left arm can link up to make a stabilizer, they take maybe 40 strikes per layer of armor, 4 layers to make sure that they do not die as easy as many of their counterparts, they are extremely slow though, taking a full day to move from one side of the estate grounds to the other side. The hidden non-combat type that was not included in the count is an elementalist that helps him create more puppets for his army, imbuing special red clay with mana for the innards of the creatures as he uses them mostly for helping him fashion their armor faster, each puppet is hand crafted, taking 12 days to make a simple Scout type. After he makes the red mana clay he then fashions the armor to fit each of the puppets. The elementalist ***can fight*** but their mobility is super low as they were made more for assisting with automation of the creation of more puppets, each puppet was made by the mostly physically weak character that you are reading about.
Bio: He was born from the unheard love that befell a changeling concubine, and a king. The result was a mix breed that the king never heard of, the owners of the concubine made sure that the woman who looked like the changeling did at the time took over for her for that nine month period, and so the king never knew, all despite his many visits in that time. The baby was thrown into a river near the brothel that housed the mother, keeping her prisoner from saving her own child now as the baby was rushed down the rough river. All the same though, he survived, and he was found on the shore, barely alive, by a group of war orphaned children who had banded together to make a small family of their own. They took in the strange looking baby, whose face would change on a dime, and so in their native tongues they chose two words for his name. Hatz grew up much slower than his peers, but his mind grew twice as fast as he noticed that he aged less than they did, by the time the group was around ten years older, he was only maybe 3, but he still was happy, he knew that they accepted him. Upon the eve of their deaths, all of old age, he made a vow in their name, in the name of his family who he would never forget, to forever take in other refugees, and to make sure that what happened to them would never happen again. He went to a noble decision council as he showed them his muddied royal blood, that alone enough to get him accepted, but due to him being a changeling they needed a sample of his mana as well to compare, and so he gave them a sample of it, it already being comparable to a king’s at the time due to the mana being genetic in a way. Hatz earned a large estate, one that had a full bunker under it in case of emergencies. He then went ahead and began his hunt, he would do a daily sweep of his estates, usually finding no one until he went to the local towns and villages, posting up flyers and posters about a refugee safe haven that was located at his own estates. After that he met the first refugee, Maria, she taught him how to make the puppets from the mysterious clay she had some modicum of control over. He tried his hand at it and found that he had a very good knack for it. He went ahead and made the very first scouts right after that, but he soon learned that they were not enough. The laws of the lands he lived in stated that to defend someone on their behalf, they had to be part of the wives or husbands of the defender, and so Maria was taken, stolen away to be executed, and so Hatz made an idea while he had the time to mourn over his loss, he would wed any and all refugees, making them under his protection by the ruling of the laws of the land, if they wished to take the refugee, they would have to fight Hatz for them. And thus, the story of the Thousand Wedding Noble came to be, he was a fighter who was ruthless and would do everything in his power to defend the refugees who he took under his wing. No matter if he had to fight entire armies on his own.

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