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(Who'duh Folk'eirs)
20 / Other / Married
Mukhok, Fukhuff - United States
Remake of acct TheWyvernHouse

I am a returning roleplayer who will hopefully get some good people in this time. I am looking for some fun roleplays that are interesting but flexible and fun. And I swear to the high heavens, IF IT IS YOUR WORLD, YOU START THE RP, AFTER ALL, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR HEAD.

N*fw is banned for me, any mentions of it or requests for it will be given one chance, then will be blocked after further notice. Gore and romance is fine but anything that involves the beast with two backs becomes a fade to black.

My one and only owner is @AriaRoselynn~

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I am sorry to anyone who is waiting for replies from me, I am busy irl and I am doing my best but I need to also take time for myself. If I owe you a reply then I will get to it in due time but it might take me a minute as things are slightly hectic right now.
2  Nov 27th 2022 21:23

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