Rough play

To the firstimers, the game can be definitely be seen as harsh. She loves it, she used to play it a lot when younger with less duties, so she had a lot of fun with them, even more than she thought.
Soon they have to move from the field to let servants do the final preparations for the real match. They are welcomed to take place in the audience. There is a special spot for them where they can watch, eat and drink. It starts to get crowded. Of course even the young prince and friends can join.
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Chan «I have offered something I can provide, it's pointless I'd offer her anything, when I don't have the power to give her much. Unless she wants mayo.» He snorts.
«I prefer to use a pencil, but I won't judge if you prefer dirt to draw.» He shrugs.
«Why would I plan to kill you? I'm not even from this kingdom…»
He rolls his eyes at Gino. «So that you can get sick once again?»
Princeling °You should put more rules to the favor for what I think.
But you got a big opportunity in exchange, are you trying to scam her?
Who knows what are your methods, you are probably different from us.
One can never know, you just arrived so there is no guarantee that you are trustworthy. °
Whiteroar "Ma..yo?" She tilts her head, unsure what it might be.

Gino. "I won't get so sick this time! By now my stomach is getting trained to handle more food at the same time! I could partecipate an eating competition."

"What a waste of resources would that be?" She snorts. "Don't even propose again.
I don't need your help, Fu. I can handle this young boy by myself. How is prince SuXi, anyway? I haven't been here for long." He is sick and no signs of healing.
Chan «I was about to ask her to give me the throne of Xingxi, as a matter of fact.» He rolls his eyes at all Fu's complaints about the favour.
«I give up, I won't bet anything, I seriously can't bear this dude's crying anymore.»
He pats Gino's head. «Don't have high hopes that an eating competition will ever take place in this world.»
He tilts his head at FangYi's words. «How many princes are there?»
Princeling °Do as you please then but I will not be responsible of what happens.° his voice becomes darker as she does that question, °He is not very well.°
He looks at Chan with a death stare at that sentence but the most of his look is covered.
°Greetings to you then new king.°