Boring visits

It is late morning when FangYi, that slept a bit longer than usual too, enters their quarters. She tells the servants to wake them up, breakfast-lunch ready for them all.
Once some of them start coming out of the rooms, she tells them. "Young ones can follow the prince once ready, to visit the palace. Others can follow me. I'll be outside, when you are done." She can answer some questions regarding the Huangye too if they are curious.
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1 | Aug 5th 2022 13:53
Gaesaekki "I don't mind being worshipped! I just want to receive a lot of food and treasures." He is humble, he doesn't need much, really!!
"You make such good salty recipes! You should ask Wu's mom for her recipes, sweet breakfast in the morning is the best! The kick we all need to begin the day." He so needs something strong for everything he does. A lazy housewife. XD
"I'm someone so cute and likeable after all. Why shouldn't he like me! It is maths.
Maybe it can show you anything of past and future. It is magical, it could do anything.
Send her my regards! This is awesome."
KiNo «You should demand your own temple in the city, then you'd receive plenty of that. Flowers too.» Everyone knows dogs love flowers.

WooPil. «Uhm… if I will get to meet her, I will ask if she can give me the recipe, arasseo.» Simone said that salty breakfast is preferable!
«Indeed, he certainly likes you. You should make your feelings for him clear though, so you won't risk that someone else will date him instead.»
He looks away about the fan, nodding slowly.
Gaesaekki "They don't understand my value. Some of them wanted to eat me or get rid of me because I am not like them! I told them though, no one of them is even close to a pure auriold. Parts of human, Oni, kitsune or whatever Hudie is."
It is not a happy breakfast for Gino!!
"Wu, when can he meet your mommy for the recipe?" It is important for Gino. XD
"You think I should?" He still has some hope about Shige, he wants to be sure about him first. XD
KiNo «What are all those things you mention? Oni? And Kitsune are extinct, by the way. Only their spirits are left, they are the most worshipped here. If there were kitsune, people would go crazy.»
He snorts. «It is not so simple, he certainly can't go to her in the harem, nor he can summon her. He can only wait and hope to meet her when she comes here.»
Gaesaekki "I will say no more or I could revolution everything you think to know." He stretches his poor, tired legs.
"She hasn't specific timings or something? It can happen on random? We can as well find the kitchen and ask the cooks their recipes. They are not a national secret, are they?"