She can hardly rest in the current situation, indeed her mood is really bad but she can't help herself. There are too many people she doesn't trust around Zuo, especially Hudie. She doesn't want to let him approach Zuo unless it is the Crown Prince to do it first.
She is outside, sat on the stairs. Overall it is quiet and she leans her head to the side, looking sleepy.
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1 | Aug 3rd 2022 13:42
Capt "I expected you to say could come up with a new sport yourself, that requires less brutality, if you don't like it.
He might have no clue. You'll have to teach him any game we have. He might be able to teach you one of theirs.
Right, indeed I'll do my part, depending on what brain will need from his arm in order heart.
Whatever it was, he managed to escape our kingdom with his brother and they were both wounded. We didn't go easy on him but he was still on his feet."
StarlessN «A sport that doesn't require my muscles to get sore, but actually needs a wide amount of logical and strategical thinking…» Chess.
«I doubt they have any games. I haven't seen them do anything beside eat, work and sleep.
I don't know yet. I have been studying all the medicine we have but I haven't found an answer yet.
That seems to be what everyone likes though. A brute savage who can run the distance while being severely wounded and still not having a better way of thinking than attacking whoever they come across.»
Capt "If you can make a sport that matches both, it'll be a new hit. Let's see what you come up with, if it beats even the national sport! A war game could be interesting..." Clearly not matching with his tastes.
"Nothing at all? Not even something like card games?" They have cards and swearers of course!! What else would old men after work do.
"What is...exactly wrong that causes him sickness? It looks stable now but if he could strengthen up...
It is something that impresses more than a brillant mind. They would not like it as much if you made a new, amazing discovery as incredible as what he did, sadly."
StarlessN «A strategy game that won't require unnecessary physical efforts nor pain. I will come up with something.» That's how Yu-Gi-Oh came to be.
«I have not seen them play cards.» He loved with WooPil and Chan, not old men.
«It could be an infection or even a damage, it's impossible to know for sure. One could only make some tries to heal it.»
He snorts. «I could see that. He must be the absolute star of Lianxi.»
Capt "Where is the fun without? It doesn't sound like my kind of game...I'm sure you and WooPil will have fun without pain and unnecessary efforts though.
It would be dangerous for him, a wrong theraphy could worsen things...
Could even be so, they hid him well so we wouldn't find him. Dianxia wouldn't have had mercy of him then."