Rotting wolves.

After making sure everything is settled with Zuo in the house and changing her armor into a more comfortable and less eye-catching manly hanfu, she heads out. She leaves a two of their men to monitor the situation there.
She wanders Lianxi to study the place properly, also to see if she can find Hudie and give him her threats before the Crown Prince wakes up.
No luck so far and it is starting to bother her; she wanted to avoid but seeing her struggle, she has to ask your character. "Where can I find the savages?"
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Cloud «I fear you will have to wait, His Lordship is not available at the time. Would you like to join us for a drink? I can offer some fruit too.»
He shrugs. «To Lianxi it won't change much, who is the leader of Youling. His Lordship would never risk to lose lives.» He looks at Levi, as they gave the answer to his question.
«Shi… but there are people who are certainly more skilled than me at keeping someone's heart.»
«Your people must be very wealthy, if they all have gems to pay.»
Karm °For someone who is outside the feud you seem to want a war.
I investigated on werewolves, they are really peculiar creatures.
I am always up for a drink° he sits with them, °Yeah a war would be useless since that beast didn't try to attack. His plan is not clear yet.
Keeping an heart is not only about skill, you have to make small things really effective. Become indispensable. °
Capt "But he could control more places with his same politics and keep growing more. It would be an investiment." She snorts, moving her hands behind her back. "His Lordship doesn't like to gamble on his people. I understand.
Not if it is honest for both, without games. The right reasons will trigger your confidence.
They work and earn them, then they can do whatever with it.
I'm just saying it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab that chance. I have experience in the field, before to be promoted to Captain." She says to Levi.
Cloud «You investigated on them? You were in Youling?» His eyes widen at the revelation.
He pours a glass of liquor for Levi and hands it to him. «It is not said that he wants war… he could just have wanted power for himself. Or maybe a personal grudge against my brother…»
He looks down. «But there is no guarantee of success, he could even end up losing everything if things go wrong…»
Karm °Control more territory can be dangerous too, more people to take care of, more risk.
I am a captain too but I have not direct experience in wars.
Well I sent Macao inside since he is good at infiltrate,
I looked from distance since those beasts could know my smell. What we know is that he is not attacking for now.
You know nothing about him?°