Sean Brown (OC)

Name: Sean Brown
Age: 28
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Signature: medium length light brown hair and dark brown eyes
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Sexuality: Straight
Tattoos: Both arms covered in sleeves
Piercings: None
Likes: Coffee, old and new cars, write music
Dislike: D*ckheads, people who don't believe him
Hobbies: Collecting guns, restoring cars, writing music
Addiction: Smokes
Languages: English and German
Parents: Mathew and Samantha Brown
Siblings: An older sister: Jasmine
Background: When sean graduated high school he was drafted into the military. He was in service for a solid 11 years but he got pissed off because they didn't need him after he got shot to bad in the leg so he now had a permanent limp when he walks, he was a sharpshooter and a rifle men, one day on the road his team got caught in a ambush because they were given the wrong information he was the one one that was hit but even with a basically dead leg he still stood there and fought till the attackers were dead but once they got him back to base the doctor's did what they could to save his leg, he can walk on it but he has a lip when he does. He now works as a mechanic in an large garage that serves cars new and old and pickups. He also has a service dog riot because they let him keep him for his PTSD, his ptsd isn't bad but he needs him just incase it does.
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