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Sorry I haven't been on at all today guys I had to take my dog to the vet, he's ok he just has limes disease
0  Jun 12th 2021 15:14

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Q. Do you enjoy our roleplay?
A. Ya I'm really enjoying it
 Nov 20th 2020 01:13

_Addie_ asked the question
Q. Good morning bubbaaa <3
A. Morning
 May 20th 2020 12:01

Latest Comments

Thank you for adding! I am looking forward to talking with you~!
Apr 10th 2021 17:18

Dec 5th 2020 16:14

It’s not letting me message you
Nov 13th 2020 00:06

You've got a pair of the most prettiest eye's I have ever seen.Even when your tired you can see how much they shine.
Jan 10th 2020 16:47

Remember when we were just tennagers in a mad world of adults trying to push us to grow up?
Aug 22nd 2018 16:47

Boi take that broken hearted off there right the heck now
Aug 21st 2018 15:19

Look I don’t want to talk to anyone right now
Jul 21st 2018 12:10

Hey sweetie. :)
Thanks for accepting.
Jun 30th 2018 12:47

Hiya!Thanks for accepting.Direct message me if you want to!Or not!Your choice!

Oct 20th 2017 20:35

No Max I Still Love U No matter What Bby ♥♥
Aug 17th 2016 22:51