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(Jayce Hollins)
20 / Male / Single
In my girl's bed, New York - United States
  "I have skittles in my mouth,do you wanna taste the rainbow?"

              Jayce J. Hollins

      "I swear I didn't do it!!oh....that....yeah I did that."


    ♡I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now,
         and yet I know I will tomorrow.♡

      Significant Other : - - - -
      Started Dating : - - - -
      A bended knee : - - - -
      A image in white : - - - -
      Tiny little blessing's : - - - -

               our song : - - - | - - -
               some lyric's : - - - - , - - - -

     | o u r - l o v e - s t o r y
Meeting her was like meeting God, she was beautiful, stunning in fact but I could never quiet figure her out.Meeting Angel had to have been the most unexpected thing to ever happen to me.She became my muse for so many things.She believed in me when no one else would.

I met Angel when I was a little butthole. She was new to the area and to school,and me being the gentleman that I was,I decided to take her under my wing and show her the ropes.It was not long after that,that our parents got the bright idea to bring us closer together through play dates and such.

I never knew I could get along with a girl so much until I met angel,my life has never been the same since then.She came in like a storm in the night,silent and mysterious.I could not ask for better then her,she is it for me.There is no one else in this world who could ever have my heart like she does.Even though she's a pain sometimes but I love her and I always will.


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3  Jan 13th 2021 13:45

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Q. Do you enjoy our roleplay?
A. Ya I'm really enjoying it
 Nov 20th 2020 01:13

_Addie_ asked the question
Q. Good morning bubbaaa <3
A. Morning
 May 20th 2020 12:01

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Dec 5th 2020 16:14

It’s not letting me message you
Nov 13th 2020 00:06

Hello. I am Diana.

Feel free to message me sometime!
Jun 19th 2020 14:59

You've got a pair of the most prettiest eye's I have ever seen.Even when your tired you can see how much they shine.
Jan 10th 2020 16:47

Remember when we were just tennagers in a mad world of adults trying to push us to grow up?
Aug 22nd 2018 16:47

Boi take that broken hearted off there right the heck now
Aug 21st 2018 15:19

Look I don’t want to talk to anyone right now
Jul 21st 2018 12:10

Hey sweetie. :)
Thanks for accepting.
Jun 30th 2018 12:47

Hiya!Thanks for accepting.Direct message me if you want to!Or not!Your choice!

Oct 20th 2017 20:35

No Max I Still Love U No matter What Bby ♥♥
Aug 17th 2016 22:51