James Hellfire "JJ" (OC)

Name: James Helfire "JJ"
Age: 18 or 19
Height: 5'9
Weight: 190
Signature: Black hair and blue eyes
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Sexuality: Straight
Tattoos: A small rose on his right hand
Piercings: Tough and ears
Likes: Sleeping, Reading, and writing music
Dislike: People who are d*cks to his friends
Hobbies: Playing base and piano when he has the time, writing music
Addiction: Smokes
Parents: Sean and Maria Hellfire
Siblings: None
Background: When james was born it was….well it was different, he had horns and a tail when he was growing up but by the time he was 8 his parents had them removed, he lives in an ok home but his dad drinks on occasion and his mom is never there, whenever his dad drinks he sneaks out and drives around in his own car, it's hard for james to make friends be he has…..let's just say powers that no one his age should have.
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