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BREATHTAKING ■ Keanu Reeves Song feat. Natalia Natchan ■ Cyberpunk 2077




The High Kings, Rocky Road to Dublin

Days of Thunder
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The Hero or the Runner

Name: Cecilia Gentle
Hero name: Gentle
Age: 16 to 22 (Anything above 18 she is already a Hero)
Height- 5'4
Weight- 120 pounds
Power or Quirk - Energy Absorption/ Energy Repulsion
Her Quirk allows her to take in 90% of all Energy directed at her, From physical blows to her body, to fire, Acid and other thing that touch her skin.
After taking in the Energy she uses them in short burst, allowing her to spit out side, throw out Acid from her hand, get incredible power in short Burst.

Personality- Rebel
Assuming a normal person is- C Rank.

Strength: C ~ S: In small Burst
Dexterity: B
Thoughtless: S+
Speed: B ~ S: In small Burst
Intelligence: B
Reflex: A

Cecilia is incredibly difficult to take down, Thank to her own ability to Soak in most of the Damage in to her self, making her a absolute Wall. She is able to Stand up from some of the Hardest hits Possible.

Basic Bio: Cecilia was born to a Poor family, Being the middle child and the only one to get a power that was useful in combat, Her Father made the choice to put her up for adoption at a much older age, making her have a very hard time finding a family, She was grateful any time a foster home would take her in. She joined the Hero school, Promising her self that she would never Poor.

Quirk- Is left handed and hates the color pink.

(This character can be fit in Other Setting)

She can be fit in a futuristic setting, exchanging her powers with Cybernetics
From both of her arms being Mechanical to her legs and even parts under her skin, Making her Impossibly thought.

Name- Cecilia Gentle
Runner Name- Dead Presidents
Age- 22
Height- 5'4
Weight- 120 pounds

Cyberware and bioware- Both her arms and legs have been Replaced with Cybernetics, allowing her to use Weapons with Great easy, Her arms are stronger then the normal person and she uses a Full body suit to protect her self from bullets and other weapons. Her legs hide a small amount of Hand guns, keeping them consielded on the inside of her right leg.
She uses ballistic Mask of Dead Presidents of United States and other countries.

Bio- Born to a low Class, She never made it big, being off the Grid most of her life, She never learned to read till she joined a Gang, Following that she became a Shadow runner, some one that does jobs for a high Payout, Getting her runner name as Dead Presidents.

Unusual Quirks- Has a Adction to brushing her teeth and drinking Mouth wash.

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Modern Fantasy

Name- Emma Nights
Age- 16 to 24
Height- 5'2
Weight- 100pounds
Race- Haft Elfs

Bio-1: born to love family, With a loveing human mother and very caring Elven father. She was well taken care oof, Spoiled, She showed that she was able to Cast Magic at a early age, but she found it to hard to learn, Making her a bit soft and scared of failing. She does not try hard at things, If it comes easy to her she will try if not she gives up

Bio-2: Born to loveing Family, with a Elven Mother and loving Human father, her Father passed away when she was very young, her gift for magic came in early, she used her powers to make a packet with a unknown enteri to give her greater Magical power, she has become a very powerful witch.

P- X
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Sky Surfer

Name: Lily Eureka Flower
Age- 20
Height- 5'1
Weight- 99 pounds
Ocupation- None,She just Enjoy to Travel.

Physical Trait- Her Hair and eyes are Oddities but they are natural. She is also Left handed.

Bio- Eureka was born to a Normal Family, On the Edge of a Large City a city called North point, Not a lot of Trapar waves there, so one day she Build her self a Bike and Left home. traveling the world and learning to Ride the Wave.

Trapars are a particulate matter which behaves much like water or strong wind currents. In order to "ride" trapar, the utilization of reflection films are required which are created from captured skyfish.

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Infinity Train.

A train that never Ends, train carts after Train carts, each Uniqe and Different. We all have a nunber the Weights heavily on our soul.

Name- Shell Dawn
Weight-120 pounds
Number on the hand- [[207]]

Bio- Live is never easy and to much happens, to many people are post, some people just want a escape. The Train is that escape. Shell boarded the Train when she was 20 for her own Reason, the Number on her hand being 222. She has slowlly lowered her Number.

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