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(Callista Sinclair)
25 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Hi hi! Thanks for taking the time to check my profile out.

As my username implies, I want to focus on roleplays that revolve around survival. Specifically, ones about two people trapped in life or death situations. Lovers stuck on a damaged space station, a parent and child stranded on a deserted island, bitter enemies thrown into a world full of monsters, you name it! There's just something about the emotional rollercoaster and fast-paced struggle for survival that I find so exciting!

I try to be flexible and accommodating to my friends, and I hope others treat me the same. That said, I ask that you don't ask me to roleplay on any other platforms, and please don't give me nothing but tiny one liners to work with. Speaking of which, you should expect me to generally write a paragraph or less, so I hope that works for you. As long as we're respectful and treat each other well, I'm sure we'll have a great time together!

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