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(Alkaid Valberos )
31 / Female / Single
New Ilvermarsh , United States
Hello~ I can't say I'm exactly new here, I remember I was here a long time ago but didn't really use it. I'm hoping coming back after many years I can find good writers to write with. That said, take note that I am fulltime in RL and work 12 hours if not longer shifts so I can't exactly message quickly. You can certainly nudge after maybe a week, but just letting whoever is reading this know that sometimes, real life can be a bitch lol.

That said, I can rp as other characters. The second character I rp most as is Izuku from MHA and the third is Yang and Jaune Arc from RWBY

(About my character Alkaid Valberos)

Born and raised in the dilapidated slums of New Ilvermarsh, a city built on rows of shelf mushrooms attached to a giant, ancient fossilized tree, Alkaid learned from a very young age that life was not fair.

The city was divided into two distinct parts, the upper and lower tiers. The upper tier was reserved for the wealthy elites who enjoyed the view of the sprawling fungal landscape from their high-rise balconies, while the lower tier, where Alkaid lived, was cramped and overcrowded, with buildings stacked on top of each other in a desperate attempt to accommodate the growing population. Her father disappeared shortly before her first birthday, leaving her mother with the burden of raising her alone. Luckily for them, her grandfather stepped in and helped take care of them. However, it was a constant struggle to make ends meet, and they often went to bed hungry. The only stable source of income was the Dark Root Tavern that her grandfather owned, a dingy, but popular establishment in the lower tier. Growing up, Alkaid spent much of her early childhood in the cramped kitchen of the Dark Root Tavern, assisting her mother with preparing meals and washing dishes. While the other children in the streets were playing games like Knights and Bandits, Alkaid was too busy helping out in the tavern to join in. However, whenever she had a spare moment, she would peek out the window and watch the other children running and laughing, wishing she could join them. However, there was, but one escape for the small girl.


Many a time, Alkaid often spent the evening quietly sitting in the corner of the Tavern, listening with bated breath as she heard the stories told by various patrons. Her eyes often widened in wonder as they spoke of their daring adventures and thrilling escapades. Even at such a young age, she was fascinated by tales of heroes battling monsters, exploring far-off lands, and finding hidden treasures. Especially when she heard bards playing, Oh how she enjoyed listening to the music of their exploits. As Alkaid grew older, she continued working at the Dark Root Tavern, becoming an integral part of its operations. Her sharp tongue and wit endeared her to many customers, and she enjoyed giving them enduring nicknames. Her grandfather, in particular, often called her "Little Spitfire" due to her fiery spirit and cherry-red hair. Despite constantly helping run the place, she never once resented her mother or grandfather. In fact, she grew to enjoy it, loving to banter with the customers who, over time, came to be like family. By the time Alkaid turned sixteen, she had become a skilled cook, and was often found whipping up meals in the kitchen when her mother was too busy to help. She took pride in the dishes she prepared, and was always eager to learn new recipes from her mother and grandfather. She also became a familiar face behind the bar, mixing drinks with the precision of a seasoned bartender and cracking jokes with the patrons. Her grandfather often boasted to anyone who would listen that she was the best server in all of New Ilvermarsh.

She had always teased her Grandpa that someday, she’d take over the Tavern, if only so he could finally rest his poor old bones. Sadly, however, that day wouldn't come.

Late one night, as Alkaid was assisting in closing up the bar for the night, three strangers barged in, their blades held at the ready as they demanded all the coins the tavern had made that day. Her grandfather decided to comply with their demands, not wanting her or her mother to be hurt. After all, this wouldn't have been the first nor the last time the tavern had been targeted by thieves. Just as he was about to hand over all the money, four more strangers came in and what soon followed was a heated exchange between the two groups before everything suddenly broke loose. In the middle of the scuffle, a fire broke out, and her grandfather was brutally cut down while shielding her from an attack meant for one of the other thugs. The scene was chaos as Alkaid watched in horror, feeling helpless and desperate as the tavern burned around her. As the chaos and flames consumed the Dark Root Tavern, Alkaid tried to escape with her mother, but they were both caught by the attackers. The strangers recognized the potential value of two young women and decided to sell them into slavery. Alkaid and her mother were separated and sold to different owners, sending Alkaid onto a harrowing journey for the next three years.

Eventually, she managed to escape her chains of servitude with the help of a friend named Sinova. Though freed, she couldn’t rest knowing her mother was still enslaved. With that, she set out on a journey to find and rescue her mother.

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