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(James "Bucky" Barnes)
107 / Male / Single
District of Columbia - United States
James 'Bucky" Barnes

Post Falcon & the Winter Soldier

MCU verse, w/Comic elements

X-Over Friendly

Stucky Friendly

Ships w/Chem 18+ Bisexual, strong male lean

Only one main ship will be present on dash

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][ Just a quick heads-up, weekends are pretty busy for me. I'll be in and out today
3  Apr 27th 2024 09:15

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Miss you
May 6th 2024 16:46

I loved you then I will love you now.
Until the end of our lives. Screw the line.
Apr 25th 2024 20:07

Thank-you for accepting the friend request :)

Would you care for a roleplay?
Apr 23rd 2024 08:33