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“You’re being so brave.”

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ♥*∞:。.。

“—someone’s coming for your job~ that’s right, I’ma comin’, I’ma comin’.”

✧・゚: ♥*∞:。.。*✧・゚

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“qUiT WiTh tHe MaGiC aNd pLaY fAiR”
— goofy ahh Brad.

Mood: amorous
1  Feb 29th 2024 13:36

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Q. "it's just... surprising. if i were you, i wouldn't know exactly how to explain to people that i'm a good person if i've done so much bad sh*t in my life, just saying. but kudos to you, i guess."
A. “I wouldn’t call myself a good person. Labels are pointless. I can explain different events and why they happened; that’s about it. Everyone’s gonna form their own opinion about it.”
 Feb 11th 2024 12:55

Q. "question for you, loki. how does the god of mischief suddenly become a hero of all universes? seems far fetched."
A. “Oh hello. That’s actually a lot to unpack there. It actually wasn’t very sudden, I don’t think. I mean there were a few things that happened pretty suddenly, but that’s just kind of how life can be sometimes, for anybody. And anyway the two things aren’t mutually exclusive, I’m still the god of mischief. Maybe I just wanted a universe to live in. Do you maybe have more specific questions? Why do you ask?”
 Feb 11th 2024 10:45

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I always hoped for a storyline with a Loki. This will be fun :)
Feb 11th 2024 16:07

I base him off mythology and marvel, Magni is the child of Thor in norse mythology. My variant is very different from the norse god but he is my own. I don’t like to be canon.
Feb 11th 2024 13:29

Hello there. I’m Magni. Son of Thor. Pleasure to meet you. I hope we will write together soon.
Feb 11th 2024 12:33

tony took a step back confused and disturbed-
“Oh its you. yeah the time heist.. i was wondering when I was gonna see the consequences” he relaxed.
Feb 10th 2024 12:38