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23 / Female / Single
United States
Hi, you can call me Vern. She/Her , queer, sapphic interests. I am not new here just trying a new approach. I wish to do original character roleplays, as well as fandom themed. I will make characters that fit each genre. Example: A realistic character, a fantasy, a mythology.

I stick to fxf but there are a few male fandom characters I like. But NO male ocs. I have no interest in your self insert guys. Or those sexy 'king lucifer' profiles. Yuck. No furries or g/t people either. I just want to do interesting stories with my characters. If you don't like my characters and don't like my fandoms... tough luck. You may perhaps catch me in the mood for 18 plus content, but never your kink. I generally try to do normal, and consensual romances in my rps.

I am literate, meaning you can't reply with: ** that's not writing and I expect literacy, you did graduate from high school right? I would like for people to be 19+, bit I can make exceptions. Just don't be a child

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