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(Moresette Petrova)
21 / Female / Single
United States
~ Enjoys reading (preferably spicy romance), swimming, painting, watching the sunset. Rather stay in instead of going out. Favorite movie genre is horror.

{Down to RP with any plot preferably romance or friendly. Send ideas or I could come up with one. PLEASE if you want to roleplay with me look at my rules and character list pick who you are interested in!}

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Latest Status

I want to do a Vampire Diaries plot so bad...
Mood: enthralled
4  Jun 8th 2023 00:33

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May 29th 2023 12:28

Dm me
May 29th 2023 01:28

May 28th 2023 01:51

Same. Just chilling
May 26th 2023 15:15

I'm okay. What you up to?
May 26th 2023 15:13

How are you, beautiful? ♥️
May 26th 2023 15:07

Hey beautiful. Thanks for adding me ;)
May 26th 2023 15:05

May 25th 2023 13:26