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(Ashley Costello)
25 / Female / Married
NoF***sGiven, Illinois - United States
I really love rping I've done it for years but I'm just now getting back into it so sorry if I'm not that great but I'm very laid back when it comes to rping I'm also very shy so I'm sorry if I don't talk alot at first..... But yeah :) I'm really into action,romance,suspense,and horror rps :)

**Updated 11/20/17

**I have been here quite awhile now, and i love it here, so many wonderful people, you get the occasional assbut, but the good stuff here makes up for it. One thing i have had trouble here is people rushing trying to force replies, and i can surely tell you thats not going to work, i dont enjoy those type of people, i understand messaging me if im lacking, but theres a difference between reminding and being annoying. My writing has had much progress and im definitely INLOVE with the more darker themes stories, i dont have many rules but the ones i have please look at them in my blog, but also i dont have any triggering issues i suppose, so throw your most f***ed up and wildest dreams towards me, lets gooooo.
**Cant believe I have to say this but don't be pervert, cause I'll call you out just saying**

**Updated 12/17/19**

Curious about me? Well read my rules before messaging or adding :)

Updated 4/5/21
Currently pushing my self to be here I've lost a lot of friends but fortunately there are still a few left but I plan to be here more and hopefully get to writing again, please don't give up on me guys. :)
Time to bring myself back and find my happiness in writing once again.

Updated 12/28/21
Well still fight to be on here but I'm trying and I'm not going to ever fully leave, but I am rusty with writing so please bare with me.
Love and miss you all!:)

Okay so I would also like to name off a few people who mean the world to me on here

@ItsDeadPoolBitches- holy f***ing chimmichangas your f***ing amazing and brilliant in every way, your my number one motherf***er and ill always have staples and tape waiting to fix that heart of yours while the sparkly hittler dances to our favorite show tune xD but for serious, your f***ing amazing, such a talented writer, and you honestly make me surprised that your not actually deadpool....

But secretly i know you are, no worries i'll keep the secret :P :)

@SquadGoals- uh where do I begin, your f***ing awesome! I appreciate every moment we RP, and I love how our characters click! I haven't been able to use my male Characters too much, but you just make it so fun! Like for real never change! You'd be crazy not to like this person! Stay golden!

@Way uh i f***ing love you bish, your da best and one day you can f*** hug me.... Okay probs not, but we always have nikki and johnnys cute asses xD

@Chris_Motioneless this dude is f***ing amazing, he is ashley fiancee //main post. Again explained in my rules but anywhore your a beautiful f***ing soul and i know ash wouldnt be complete without her chris!

@Niroc you have been one of my longest friends on here, and i cant even start about how much i care for you as a friend and rper, we always have a good time and i feel very comfortable with you so its nice to rp with comfort and be able to open up and have fun :)

@Gingeradzzwolf i f***ing love you man, your a long time friend and i f***ing love talking to you, you are the smoke to my high love!:)

@RoseofAvalon your amazing, ive know you awhile and i know youve had some issues, but your a very strong person ans i admire the hell out of you!!

@NeuroticMuse where do i begin man, i wish i could tell you over and over how much i appreciate our friendship, you always have wonderful writing and im always so excited to see a reply from you! Your such a wonderful f***ing person!:3

@Diogocvu you are so awesome, and im glad we met, our stories are legendary and your so sweet and kind, im excited each time i see you message, like holy f*** your just a f***ing boss lmao xD i hope we stay friends and rp partners for awhile!:)

@The-Killing-Joke I can always look forward to an amazing day of writing, I love seeing your messages, I always have so much fun in the stories and it's just so easy to be your friend :) you f***ing just amazing, your f***ing crazy and I also love that :D like bro our rps always are entertaining and I hope we can contuine being crazy f***ed up friends forever :D

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*!* Hello one and all i could really use a helping hand getting my profile out and get to making some friends and hopefully get some kick ass stories going! *!*
2  Aug 14th 2022 04:30

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Veins asked the question
Q. Ash...why would I be mad at you?
A. **I don't think you are?
 Aug 21st 2020 14:45

MIW asked the question
Q. Chris smiles as he sends Ashley a text.

"Baby, you're a haunted house";list=RD7jdLa659dug&index=3
A. Ashley smiled at the text before answering back.
"You know just the right thing to say to a girl"
 Jun 26th 2019 20:35

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**miss you friend
Aug 4th 2022 01:22

May 6th 2022 11:37

I miss you! I love you
Oct 8th 2021 23:08

I missed you so much
Aug 31st 2021 16:20

*picks her up and spins her around as he smiles* Ash!!!
Apr 5th 2021 10:50

A drink always waits for you ,every time I pour.
It's been some time but a drink will be waiting for you always.
Jul 31st 2020 17:14

Only less than one month away til something special -smirks-
Jan 22nd 2020 02:52

Hi Ashely!

I want to wish you a very happy new year!

So, my New Years resolution is to spend more time here, and spoil the f*** out of you, and if my dumbass starts to be lazy, please hit me with in the head with a sauce pan
Jan 3rd 2020 20:25

awww okay nice!
Dec 16th 2019 03:42

did u watch the movie
Dec 16th 2019 03:30