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Latest Questions

Q. Ash...why would I be mad at you?
A. **I don't think you are?
 Aug 21st 2020 14:45

MIW asked the question
Q. Chris smiles as he sends Ashley a text.

"Baby, you're a haunted house";list=RD7jdLa659dug&index=3
A. Ashley smiled at the text before answering back.
"You know just the right thing to say to a girl"
 Jun 26th 2019 20:35

Latest Comments

I miss you! I love you
Oct 8th 2021 23:08

I missed you so much
Aug 31st 2021 16:20

*picks her up and spins her around as he smiles* Ash!!!
Apr 5th 2021 10:50

//thanks for the acceptance. I'd love to write with you let me know. Dms are open and blog is full of characters.
Aug 29th 2020 18:55

A drink always waits for you ,every time I pour.
It's been some time but a drink will be waiting for you always.
Jul 31st 2020 17:14

Only less than one month away til something special -smirks-
Jan 22nd 2020 02:52

Hi Ashely!

I want to wish you a very happy new year!

So, my New Years resolution is to spend more time here, and spoil the f*** out of you, and if my dumbass starts to be lazy, please hit me with in the head with a sauce pan
Jan 3rd 2020 20:25

awww okay nice!
Dec 16th 2019 03:42

did u watch the movie
Dec 16th 2019 03:30

your gonna love this movie ash believe me!
Dec 14th 2019 01:12