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♡I love MLP: FIM. I would love to do a canon roleplay for it ! I do have a ponysona, but I'm not that good at roleplaying with her. So I'd prefer we do a roleplay with canon characters.

♡I love Adventure Time and would roleplay within it.

♡I love Attack on Titan, it's one of my BIG favorites and would be so happy if someone suggested it. xD

♡I love Yandere Simulator!

>I am open to suggestions and other fandoms, so just ask away!
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3 | 1 Comment | Nov 23rd 2022 20:55


Here are some pairing (or scenario) ideas for romance or any relationship type:

Enemies to Lovers(personal favorite!)
Hating Eachother Forced To Live Together/Get Married
Childhood Rivals/Friends
Opposite Sides Of War
Arranged Domestic Life(Marriage, Adoption, Cohabitation)
Human/Supernatural Creature
Hunter/Supernatural Prey
Mutual Pining
Office Romance
School Romance
Sugar Parent/Baby(AGED 18+)

*Will update with more progressively!
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5 | 1 Comment | Mar 18th 2022 18:36


Here are some plot ideas:


1. Muse A and Muse B have only lived their lives by their own rules. Muse A is brilliant, has good
grades, and doesn't break any rules. They've lived an empty life with no excitement. Muse B is the campus idiot. They
start fights, argue with teachers, and have never had any order in their life. So what happens when Muse B suddenly
finds themselves head-over-heels for Muse A?

2. Muse A is a lonely painter who has suffered through much loss in his life. Every night for a month, he dreams of Muse B,
but they don't know why. Muse A eventually decides to paint Muse B in a masterpiece painting. The day after they
finish the painting, Muse A discovers a blank canvas with the subject standing right next to it, out of the image.
Can a painter fall in love with their painting?

3. Muse A and Muse B were childhood friends until middle school, when Muse A had to move away. Muse A becomes a famous
model that can't move up the ladder in her job. They're also stuck in a dead-end relationship, engaged only for appearances.
Muse B has become an underground punk artist who does odd jobs. Lots of meaningless sex and intense drug-taking have left
them feeling burnt-out in an endless cycle. After someone important to both of them passes from their hometown, they reunite once again.

4. Muse A has never been able to feel anything for their entire life due to a genetic disease. Not even the most
violent movies or traumatic incidents faze them. Until they meet a particular person at school that has magically turned
them into a feeling being. Muse A would do anything to keep them safe. Sabotage, drugging, kidnapping, and even murder
are all needed to keep their loved ones safe. But Muse B is in their way, trying to steal their loved one. But what happens when Muse A suddenly finds themselves falling for their rival while getting to know Muse B to eliminate them?

5. Muse A was the detective investigating a string of murders that created a frenzy in their small town, and the story gets picked up and popularized so fast that a detective from out of town is hired in Muse A's place. Muse B is quickly the talk of the town for how intelligent and coordinated they seem and their reputation for solving cold cases. But as Muse B struggles to get any info about the townsfolk, will they have to turn to their rival Muse A and solve the case together? Will their personal feelings about each other and the town itself get in the way?


1. Muse A and Muse B wake up in their school to find it boarded up and empty. They find the rest of their
classmates trapped as well. They each find a phone in their person explaining the rules:
Kill someone else, don't get caught, and you may leave the school.

2. Muse A and Muse B have been friends since high school and have become very close. But during a
school festival, a fight breaks out between two students resulting in one of their necks being ripped open. Everyone
is terrified until the bitten student starts convulsing and biting other students and teachers. A virus has
turned into an epidemic that causes people to mutate into killing parasites by biting them-can. Muse A and Muse B learn to
survive as the world collapses to the virus?

3. All digital technology has suddenly stopped working. No phones, computers, television, lighting, or even a
telegraph. As civilized society turns into chaos and anarchy, Muse A is ready to survive the fittest. They have a cold heart
with no mercy until they meet the meek and weak Muse B, born into the non-digital age. Can Muse B remind Muse A
of their once-lost kindness?


1. Angels, Humans, and Demons once inhabited Earth. The Demon's task was to change humanity by causing epic wars,
chaos, and timely tragedies. The Angels opposed the Demon's doings before it got too messy.
They protected to human race until they couldn't. An epic collision for a reason forgotten caused the Angels and Demons'
alliance to collapse, resulting in an ultimate calamity of war. After almost destroying all life on Earth, both sides
decided that they should leave Earth and let the humans decide what to do with their era on Earth. They left two
artifacts behind: One angel and one demon soul to be reborn into a human throughout the human's existence.
Until these two souls meet, the Angels and Demons will know that there is no need for them to return.
Until Muse A and Muse B finally discover each other. They will learn new abilities and influence people against their
nature for better or worse.


1. Muse A is a young school student who can't remember how they died. But by the time they regain consciousness, it's 20 years into the future. They receive a
message from a God who revives them in a limbo-mortal state, saying that they have the entire summer season to live out the happy teenage hood they dreamed of
having when they were alive until they have to move on into the after-life. Muse B is assigned to help them.

**I will continue to update this. Thank you for considering my plots!
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5 | 0 Comments | Dec 3rd 2021 21:50



♡ If you add me, message me first and vice versa. I do NOT friend collect.

♡ NO ONE-LINERS! I do literate roleplay, which needs(for me)at least two paragraphs. I require proper grammar, but I don't mind spelling mistakes.

♡I reply to roleplays slowly, and most times, there may be a rift of a couple of hours to a day before I can create a reply. Usually, I do things in my real life during that time, not ignoring you.

♡ It's OK if you become bored with the current roleplay. We can retcon, add events, time skip, or even restart if needed.

♡ I'm OK with smut, but no outright crazy perverted fantasies. (Kinky scenarios are OK! You can ask for a list of things I prefer.) I also tend to be monogamous.

♡!!THE ROLEPLAY IS SEPARATE FROM OUR REAL RELATIONSHIP!! Anything that happens to our characters is NOT us!


-I do not enjoy fetishes that involve pain, dismemberment, or injury.
-I do not enjoy gore, detailed descriptions of strange or disturbing content, rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, etc.



-I AM SENSITIVE TO SUICIDE, GRAPHIC DETAIL OF SELF-HARM, OR THE MENTION OF IT. Suicide or self-harm is a very triggering thing to discuss for me.

Please respect my boundaries, or we cannot roleplay.

-Please like this blog post after you have read it.


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27 | 0 Comments | Nov 13th 2021 18:24