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Theo's Blog

My favourite songs

(I will keep adding to this)
My favourite songs:

AURORA - Runaway

Jacob Cook - Soldier, Poet, King

Dandling songs - Jackie Oates

Strawberry blond - mitski mitski

Love at first sight - The Brobecks

Ballad of Geraldine - Donovan

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~ Rules ~

1. Please be 18+ if you're trying to start any rp that contains NSFW content. (For those who are 18+, just ask me what I'm okay with.)

2. This isn't really a rule but please try to use the right use of 'your/you're.' I don't mind one or two odd slip-ups but it gets annoying if it's constant. Same goes for 'there/their/they're' and anything similar.

3. Similar to 'rule' 2, please try to use decent grammar. I don't mind bad spelling, but please just try to use some punctuation correctly.

4. Don't force your rp ideas onto me. If you have an idea that you want to share then tell me and we can agree on something we both like. If not, we can just go our separate ways.

5. I don't mind trying new rp genres as long as you're patient with me. Please keep in mind that it's a whole new genre for me and I haven't had as much experience as you probably have.

6. If you start an rp with me, don't abandon it without telling me. I love to dive into an rp and enjoy it. I don't like to wait a week or two for a reply without any notice. If you want to stop the rp because you're bored of it then just say so and we could either think of a new rp or just talk like normal.

7. Please don't rp as someone who has a disorder/mental illness/disability. I don't know if you have any of those, but please don't play ANY characters who have those if you don't. It's offensive.

8. Don't be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic. Also, don't make any personal threats or abuse me just because I don't want to rp or because I don't agree with your rp idea.

9. Do not ask for my socials. This is an rp site. I am playing a character 90% of the time. You know my character. Not me.

10. Finally, just relax when talking to me. Please just be open about the ideas that you might have that could add to an rp. I love to hear other creative people's thoughts :)
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~ All about Theo ~

Theo's Bio

Name: Theodore Greenwood
Age: 19
Single/Taken: Single
Sexuality: Gay
Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Fairy (Animal and nature fairy.)
Powers/Special traits:
- Healing
- Can talk to animals
- Can make plants grow quicker.

Theo is a bubbly character. He loves to make new friends and explore new worlds. He is usually cheerful and relaxed. Theo can be quite sensitive too. Since he's normally on his own, he doesn't understand other's emotions and feelings very well. Theo sometimes has a child-like behaviour, which explains his wild curiosity for new things and people and his love for games. He has a kind heart, but he doesn't like to be taken advantage of.

~ Other things about Theo ~
- He is a vegetarian. He will NOT eat any type of meat. He looks after the animals; He does not eat them.

- He has a pet hedgehog named Sniffles. Yes, Sniffles is friendly, and he loves people.

- Theo, although very friendly, doesn't have any friends; He would love to have some though.

- He doesn't see any gender in the clothes that he chooses to wear, so he often wears skirts and dresses.

Height: 5'4
Body type: Slim
Ethnicity: White

~ Features ~
- Eye colour: Pink (Light)
- Hair colour: Blond
- Hairstyle: (See pfp and photos)
- Faint freckles
- Small nose
- Plump lips
- Pointed ears
- Small fangs

~ Other ~
- Feminine body (I guess a twink?)
- Huge feathered white wings (Big enough to cover his body)
- No tattoos
- No piercings
- No modifications

Extra info
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite animal: Hedgehog
Favourite food: A mix of fruits and berries
Favourite hideout: In his favourite tree
Favourite books: Theo loves anything to do with romance or nature.

Hobbies: He loves to read and talk to Sniffles, as well as look after his personal plants. He also loves to go on walks instead of flying around. (He prefers being close to the earth.) Theo loves to make his own outfits as well.

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