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(Kayla Izou)
38 / Female / Single
Wherever My RP Takes Me - United States
I’m interested in playing a wide variety of characters, and willing to try most anything, with a few exceptions, of course.

I don’t enjoy quick little slice of life scenarios. I get nothing out of them, and I’m worth the time for you to wine and dine me. I want something more involved.

My ideal play is something longer running. I get the most enjoyment from getting to know your character and completely becoming my character. Hard to do that in a chance meeting. I generally like a big romance involved, but it’s certainly not necessary.

Playing here is completely fine, but I have Discord, and I’ve spent a good bit of time developing it into a very organized playground of sorts.

Some of my characters are very well developed. If I’m playing one of them, there are things that are set in stone. (They are who they are.) I’ve no problem creating a brand new character for specific purposes.

If I commit to play something with you, I will give you 100%, and I hope for the same in return. Unless completely unavoidable, you can expect at least some type of communication daily. I won’t leave your character sitting on the beach alone for days at a time. I do admit that there are times the writing feels like too much work. That usually happens when I’m not in the headspace of my character. Something is just missing in the chemistry. I’ll keep trying for awhile, and perhaps make suggestions for changes if I can come up with something.

I will do steamy stuff, but prefer it to be sprinkled throughout rather than the main focus. I will not kink shame, but won’t participate in something I can’t comprehend. I will not do beastiality, so don’t ask. I will not play a child unless she is just an extra, and definitely no harm will come to her.

I’m straight, but in no way opposed to playing with a female willing to play a male role, or with a female who isn’t looking for romance, maybe some light flirting. I’ve had a couple of amazing female partners.

Hope we can flesh out something amazing together soon.

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Latest Status

Had my six week post op appointment this morning. Got one more post op check in 4 weeks. The doctor said I’m doing great, and to just keep doing whatever I’m doing. Yay!
Mood: accomplished
7  Sep 15th 2023 10:48

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Q. Let’s rp
A. Awww, you know I don’t do size play, hon. I’m sorry. I adore you as a friend, but we are just not into the same types of RP
 Jul 7th 2023 19:30

Q. Poke
A. Hey seeet girl!
 Jul 7th 2023 16:17

Latest Comments

You are really sweet Kayla! I love our plot
Sep 2nd 2023 02:26

Glad I could give you pleasure... my princess ;).
Aug 27th 2023 23:47

You are amazing love! You inspire me for the lovely RP!
Aug 26th 2023 00:22

With you around, the difference between playtime and work is blurred!
Aug 24th 2023 10:13