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23 / Male / Forever Alone
Hello and welcome on my page!

☁︎My rules:☁︎
☁︎My characters:☁︎

I'm a MxM roleplayer who can play as top, switch or bottom characters though I sometimes prefer to play the bottom one. I'm here to create stories together and of course have fun. As you see, I'm 18+, so please be 18+ if you add me and please, your characters gotta be 18+ too! (Background characters such as family is okay to be under 18.) Not all of my characters have a bio in my blogs and most of them probably won't have one but I'm willing to create one for each roleplays if needed!
Also, I'm down for non-romance roleplays as well! Our characters being only just friends would be fun too.

As I don't really know what else to write here, I hope we can do a fun (or sad) story together!

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