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If you drove a bunch of nails through a laptop screen and left the hard drive alone, chances are you could retrieve data just fine. The same could be said about phones as well. It could suffer a fall, but as long as you're able to get the SD card out, you shouldn't have to worry about losing baby pictures.

Now, could the same be said about humans or other sorts of metaphysicals? Chances are no. Drop them, drive nails through them -- chances are, their secrets will die with them. This often made torture necessary. Torture's a pain. Torturers in this day and age charge far too much for their rates.

Until now.

It's been leaked that DARPA found out how to decrypt the minds of dead people and said information has been loaned off to businesses heavily funded by the United States.

Whoever let that file out f***ed up. Big time.

Suddenly, grave-robbing became mighty popular. Dead stiffs left and right who had ties to a big corporation were being hauled off to back alley surgeons, with their poorly put together decryption rigs. Even major organized crime syndicates had gotten into the fun. In most recent news, The Russian Mafia started infecting the machines of nations all over (some of which belonged to Ukraine's nuclear power plants) to begin their global decryption scheme.


Off of the Coast of New Malibu, there was a cold-storage facility that held a single dead body. One of the biggest sinks in financial history, the man and the mind that held the cypher to nearly a trillion dollars in national GDP. The man may have been dead, but his mind was far from gone.

Several actors have been deployed to grab his body from cold storage. Some of these actors work for another nation, others were mobilized on the behalf of crime syndicates. Some had the great idea to murder each other in the hopes of attaining new corporate secrets.

Life had just gotten hell of a lot cheaper. People have now been reduced to walking data pads. It was just a matter of killing them without letting their brains splatter all over the concrete.
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Several tears in the fabric of space and time appeared on Earth. Each one of these rifts were portals that allowed beings from the infernal plane to invade Earth. Without conjurations or rituals to keep them in check, demons began to completely take over communities. Some of the largest cities became post human societies. Wildlife has been corrupted by radiation from the infernal plane.

The Underworld, a bureaucratic realm dedicated to keeping balance, seeks out mercenaries and agents to quell demonic disturbances and eliminate the rifts.



A drone hovered the base of the mountains.

There was a sighting of a large rift, portals into the infernal plane, hell. It had been five years and what was some of the most vibrant, populated human cities had shifted into post-human, demon-centric communes. The Underworld tried to make do, send agents of their own to try and seal portals, quell demonic disturbances and ensure a safe life for Earth's metaphysicals and mundane alike.

The drone took several aerial shots.

There seemed to be a group of dark elves ready to strike down whoever came close to the rift to try and close it. It was hard to capture images of them, they naturally used magick to evade detection of thermal imaging. Thankfully, drones these days were outfitted with lenses that could cut past the bullsh*t and view the auras of living beings.

These guys had been becoming more and more of a problem, they refused to see the rifts go shut. They'd camp out, greet demons (if said demons weren't feral and didn't go on a massive killing spree afterwards) and consorted with them, if it had the charisma and power to rule over that particular tribe of Drow.

Turned out Drow believed in all sorts of weird sh*t. Like preparing themselves to be brides to literal demons, have an affinity with spiders and slave races weaker than them... and their own men too.

In order to restore this region, three things had to be done.

The Drow had to go for starters. It was going to be hard, they were shadowy and downright conniving killers that made a game out of killing agents that got in their way.

Of course, the rift needed to be sealed. A shaman or a mage would be required to get that rift closed.

Third, the infernal pollution needed to be dealt with. That's probably not going to be the job of the crew seeking to close out the rift, but the term 'infernal pollution' included invasive demons who made a home out of sapping the life force the area around them.

There was one such drow that didn't particularly conform to tradition. Chalk that up to being a hermit and a mutt. According to an ancestry test, she was a mix between high and dark elf. Those races didn't particularly get along. To be a mix of that sort, something terrible had to have happened.

Ryl Baenmyr’yltar.

Ryl's earliest memories were unfortunately influenced by that. Where she'd forcefully try and trudge through the sands of an underground cavern. Every time she tried to take a break, she was whipped to go faster by a drow in spiked chitinous armor.

It took seven years of searching for an opportunity, but she finally escaped into a metaphysical commune and never turned back.

To see a gaggle of drow surrounding the rift gave her bad memories. But she couldn't step away, she hated herself too much for that. If there was going to be anybody to make sure the Drow got what they deserved, it was her.

She was going to need a crew before tackling the rift. And fast, before she'd have this contract swiped from underneath her nose.
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◉ This account is for straight up Cyberpunk roleplays with a fantasy flavor. If you ask for anything else, I'll shoot ya down.

◉ Approach me out of character. I don't want your starter, I'll most likely make fun of you.

◉ Romance. I get it, everybody has the hots for an elf in tight jeans. But you have billions of other accounts just for that kind of stuff. I like romance too! But, if all you want is romance, then chances are you're gonna get ignored.

◉ Literacy, please. I'm not here to inhale my own farts and pretend that we're making beautiful literature. I just want readable posts! We're using modern web browsers... if your posts are riddled in typos, I'll more than likely go AMF and leave ya in the cold (Adios, MotherFragger!).

◉ Ages eighteen and older.
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As a young girl, Ryl only had the matrix. Drow were solitary creatures, but it was hard. Instead of worshiping spiders and making herself a suitable bride for some demon, she felt proper kinship with the machine. It was hard to explain why – but it was the only place she felt a deep relationship. It was the only place where she had control.

As her time around machines progressed, she soon neglected the keyboard. There was no need for a mouse. Even that black box known as a terminal was unneeded.

The machine knew what she wanted. They’ve been building a steady relationship for over twenty years.

It turns out that Ryl had an innate gift. The ability to consort with machines, the matrix – and all that is connected with it. The gift of a technomancer. Said gifts will end up extremely useful to corporations and those able to bid high for discrete operations done well.


Ryl is a technomancer. This means an affinity for 'the machine'/matrix without needing any augmentation or complicated decks. So yes, her mind is an electronic weapon.

Often, her work will center around jamming/disabling security systems for private companies, scouring databases for goodies and monitoring network traffic as a lookout for her crew.

On solo jobs, Ryly can appear invisible to cameras and cheat thermal systems.

Depending on the sort of weapon, Ryl might be able to potentially disable/jam firearms if they're attached to a sort of database controlled ID lock system that so many corporations seem to be fond of.

With dark elf blood, she has a natural affinity towards shadowy, elusive magic but her knowledge isn't too great.

The sort of magic she's invested in is illusion and stealth magicks, preferring to bypass conflict. The sort of spells she typically cast are ones that provide her an aura of silence or illusions to distract her foes. It's also a dark elf thing to never take a fair fight.


Elves are skilled shooters. They're naturally wired to have fast reacting synapses and be flexible. While Ryl is far from a dead-eye, she's experienced enough with pistols to be considered a versatile threat. Her weapon choices range to high-velocity, silenced pistols like the FN Five-Seven to heavier, reliable .357 magnum revolvers. She frequently finds herself stuck with cheap, overproduced weapons like the Ruger P95 and sub-compact polymer pistols.

Ryl can accurately dual-wield pistols.

Her lithe figure isn't exactly imposing, but with conjuring magic she can imbue her limbs with chi. Knows basic martial arts and grappling. If she can, she carries a retractable stun baton that doubles as a flashlight.

Unfortunately, she gets a prolonged sunburn and feels major discomfort after prolonged exposure to the sun. Just a drow thing.
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