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(Working Off Your Dress )
24 / Male / Single
Probably rolling in bed with you - United States
Stuff you're looking for:

Only into women
Not a friend collector
Selective= Serious writers only
DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE MY RESPONSE= some summary and reaction is needed and fine but please add something new. A couple of sentences of new dialogue or actions from your character goes along way.

I'm a sucker for good stories that stay engaging. Romance is a must but this does not mean happily ever after cause where is the fun in that? I like to write until our characters can't help but rip everything off each other's clothes = build up. I'll usually introduce side stories to shake up our characters' dynamic because drama is fun.

I do expect long responses, and I will be doing the same. I just love reading what people have to say. Some people have asked for minimum word count, so I guess I'd say around 500 words
If you are going to take a long time to respond just let me know. I don't mind waiting

Check my blog for scenes/starters on:
Brother's Best Friend
Undercover Cop
Sister's Best Friend

Hoping to become a doctor in the future but currently studying to work as an EMT for a year or two, so I am busy but will inform you if I will take long to respond :)

EST time zone

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I just want to say that you are a great writer and your empathy in your stories is amazing. Your way of interpreting things is brilliant. Remember that you are always great at what you do and you deserve only the best and the best stories. You are an absolutely amazing person and I am so happy to write with you and to have gotten to know you so well.♥♥♥
Jan 22nd 2024 19:02

you are my #2 on my top list :D ♥
Dec 16th 2023 20:17