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Puppeteer Grimm

A solo 'Hunter' The Puppeteer has a long six appendage like tail which it uses to stab its victims infecting them with a toxin to make people fight each other or even keep people attached if it chooses to use human bodies as Shields. The fear and anger caused by this Grimm causes others to sense this and join in killing any and all survivors
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The Cadet Trial: Team RREK

A new team enters the cadet trial

The Cadet Trial has begun and all the students are stoked by the start of the year. Four such students are Kobi, Rosemary, Emma, and Ruben. The students are soon catapulted into action and are sent on their way to test their skills and team building abilities. Kobi, Ruben, Emma, and Rosemary hit the LZ's and are off and running and soon they have the same amount of luck as any other. Nothing. Kobi was walking through a forest clearing and happens on a redhead in black leaned against a tree with a weapon she said is made to be similar to a keyblade. He talked to her just before and she said she got the idea from a video game. "Rosemary right?" He says walking up to her. She looks at him smiling softly flicking a long strand of red hair and nods yes. "I guess you and I are teammates." She replies. Elsewhere, Emma, a fox faunus sits up in a tree smiling as a wolf faunus named Ruben passes. "Bonzi!" She yells as she drops down on him. "Hi Emma." He would just simply say as she giggles. "Hiya Ruben." She gleefully responds. "BFF's AND teammates? Aren't we lucky?" She continues. "Please get off." Emma finally gets off. When an Ursa charges them through the very tree Emma was on. "My tree!" Emma yells at the Ursa who only roars at the pair. Emma draws Whiplash. A Sword/Whip holstered on her back and charges the Ursa who swings hard on her but she only summer salts over the attack. Meanwhile the meet n greet between Kobi and Rosemary is short lived as two Ursa's have attacked them. The Ursa's knock Kobi back as Rosemary uses her 'Divine Rose' to fire a light blast from a dust canister housed at the base of the Keyblade peppering one in the shoulder and it only seems to infuriate the creature. Soon the two battles merge into one as a result of the battle pawns shifting. "Aw, you get two?" Emma almost seems sad. Ruben gets on all fours as he uses his speed to attack and not some of them off balance. It almost seems like they get lined up perfectly and Rosemary fires her divine rose and nails a through and through round hitting two them in the head. Emma uses her whip to choke hold the last as Kobi uses Earthforce to form a spike underneath the Ursa shooting it up causing it to snap its neck. The team of Rosemary, Ruben, Emma, and Kobi known as Team Ridgeback. Led by Kobi investigate a village said to be taken out by Grimm. As they enter the village it is far to quiet as their seems to be no sign of people but it becomes obvious there has been an attack and as they continued suddenly a mammoth bipidel grimm crashes through a section of building and spots the team and let's out a blood chilling screech and charges the group. Rosemary draws a keyblade like weapon she calls 'The Divine Rose' and fires a red beam from the end of the keyblade and hits it square in the chest as Emma charges. The beam only makes the grimm take a few steps back and it swings hard hitting Emma and she is sent through a window of a nearby building. Ruben activates his Claws of Death which pop from the tips of the fingertips on his gloves and charges the creature slicing at its legs. Kobi draws Warmonger and blasts away with his shotgun concussion like rounds hitting its face knocking it off balance and Rosemary runs at it and leaps into the air hitting it in the neck with the Devine Rose and it drops backwards the fight seems over when it gets back up and Rosemary and Kobi use their range attacks as a beam fires from the Devine Rose and Kobi fires his shotgun hitting the grimm knocking it down again and Ruben finishes it off by jamming his claws into its eyes. The fight is over and moments later Emma emerges from the building. "How was your nap?" Kobi looks at Emma. "We could have used the assist." He continues. "Hey I was thrown through a window here. What? No are you ok?" She asks insulted by has remark. He shrugs a little. "Regardless it's over. Any of you know what kind of Grimm this thing is?" They all stay silent queuing that they have the slightest clue. "We should report back to Ozpin of our findings none the less." They would all nod in response and they would move on to report the result of the mission.
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Kobi VS Ursa

Kobi (RWBY OC) VS an Ursa

Kobi was traveling through the Emerald Forest one afternoon on a solo exercise. Kobi kneels down to investigate something. Turns out it's an Ursa track, he'd seen a lot of them but it just seems they're increasing. 'They're moving.' He would think to himself when suddenly out of nowhere an Ursa barrels through the trees giving him little time to just dodge out of the way and draw Warmonger. His battle axe/Sawed off Shotgun and morphs it into its basic form which is the battle axe. Without warning the Ursa let's out a terrifying roar as it suddenly charges Kobi who summer salts away putting distance between him and the Ursa and morphs his weapon into it's sawed-off shotgun form and shoots several rounds into the chest and head region of the monster which seems to have little effect on the giant beast. With a charge of his own Kobi closes the gap on Ursa morphing Warmonger once again into the battle axe making several quick slashes into its legs which seems to help slow it down quickly sheathing his weapon he would then activate his semblance as his aura shines gold he would rush the Ursa who doesn't seem bothered by the charge and pounds the ground with his fist causing an earth shattering earthquake knocking the giant beast off its feet standing up taking a battle stance he makes gripping motions with his hands lifting his arms high above his head as the earth around the Ursa crumbles under its body nearly burying the beast. Drawing his weapon once again morphing it into the ax he charges the beast yet again jumping high into the air and with the momentum given from gravity comes down onto the Ursa's head with the ax cutting its head off.
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Ruben and the White Fang

Tales of a wolf faunus in the White Fang

Ruben, on a mission for the White Fang is sent to break in and destroy a Schnee mining facility. Unaware that Adam sent Blake to monitor and assist the mission. Ruben would get passed the facilities system firewall fairly easily and would make his way to engineering and begin planting C4. "You can come out now Blake.." he would say planting one of the charges and she would emerge from the shadows. "It took you longer than I thought Ruben." She would say calmly. "I like to take my time and enjoy the sites...Unlike most people." He would say in response grinning slightly causing Blake to roll her eyes. Blake joins him in the center of the room and just then Mechs would enter and surround the pair. "You'd think they would learn by now." Blake would say glancing at Ruben. " Well, they do have a lot of money." He says in response. The mechs come at the duo full force. "They are learning as well." Ruben adds. Ruben and Blake make a move and slash right through a good amount of the mechs. Ruben leg sweeps one and claws pop out like an assassin's creed blade from glove like gauntlets and Ruben dispatches it quickly. "Don't show off." Blake jokes. "Don't be so dramatic." He says grinning. "That's my line Blake responds as a mech fires a rifle at Blake to which Ruben intercepts and kills and Blake takes off and makes her way toward an exit. Soon she is joined by Ruben. Once outside and airship arrives on scene. "Now that is being dramatic." Blake says looking at Ruben. "We are trying to blow up this facility. We need to get out of here." Ruben tells Blake as the mine blows knocking the airship of course just then the pair make a run for it.
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Hometown: Mistral(Lower Class)
Weapon: The Armament
Age: 18
Semblance: Preflexes
Aura: Armor

She is from the lower class of Mistral and being from the lower class is involved in black market dealings such as the illegal trade of Weapons and Dust her Semblance is Preflexes. Her weapon is called The Armament, a collapsible Agram 2000 SMG held on a gauntlet like base on her arm. Aura is armor-based
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