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(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Verses (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

♦Assassin's Creed
♦Black Sails
♦Red Dead Redemption
♦Death Note
♦Money Heist
♦Squid Game
♦Call of Duty
♦Lord Of The Rings
♦Until Dawn
♦Detroit: Become Human
♦Heavy Rain
♦The Conjuring
♦Mafia I - II
♦The Walking Dead - Telltale
♦Batman - Telltale
♦The Witcher
♦Mission Impossible
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Story Ideas....


(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Heavy Rain (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

A is a dedicated and experienced police lieutenant who has spent years serving the community and upholding the law. He was living a peaceful life with his wife, B, and their two sons, Shaun and Jason. However, their world shattered when a devastating car accident claimed the life of their eldest son, Jason. The accident left A emotionally scarred and distant from his family.

B is A's ex-wife, a former detective who once had a promising career in law enforcement. After the tragic death of their eldest son, Jason, she left the police force to focus on her family. However, in the aftermath of the accident and A's changing behavior, she became suspicious of him. B began to believe that A might be the Origami Killer, a serial murderer with a dual personality disorder, who was targeting young boys and leaving origami figures at crime scenes. Convinced of this, B divorced A, believing him to be dangerous. The court entrusted Shaun to B and A was highly kept an eye as he was one of the suspects.

In reality, A was not the Origami Killer and did not have a dual personality disorder. Instead, the trauma of war and the loss of his son had left him deeply affected. A's unusual behavior was due to the haunting voice of Jason, which he believed was stuck in his mind. This internal struggle led to a deterioration in his mental state and a growing distance between him and his family.

Years after the divorce, B's life takes a horrific turn when Shaun is abducted by the real Origami Killer, a notorious serial murderer known for drowning his victims and leaving origami figures at the crime scene. This tragedy pushes B to her limits, and she must find a way to support her ex-husband A, a dedicated police lieutenant and war veteran, as they face this unimaginable nightmare together, despite their troubled past.

(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Southpaw (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

A is a cruiserweight boxer with a professional record of 6-0. He gained notoriety when a video of him getting into a fight with another boxer at a party went viral. This incident led to mixed reactions from the public, with some criticizing his actions and others supporting him. Regardless of public opinion, A became a topic of discussion.

B, his manager, has been with him since the beginning of his professional boxing career. They share a history that goes back to before A entered the ring for the first time. Outside of their professional relationship, they are also close friends.

The management team approached B to arrange a fight with the same boxer A had fought at the party. The fight was scheduled and hyped up, but it ended with A losing, as his opponent used an elbow to knock him out. Surprisingly, both the commission and the referee remained silent about this foul play.

On their way back, the fighter A had faced that night taunted him, leading to another brawl. Videos of this altercation were recorded and spread across the internet. This incident further damaged A's reputation, and he was labeled a failed boxer. He lost sponsorships and opportunities, as many saw him as strong with words but weak in the ring. Consequently, his career took a nosedive, and he decided to step away from boxing.

Four years later, B received a call from an organizer who inquired if A had any plans to return to the ring. The organizer offered to make it happen, and this marked the beginning of their journey to revive A's career.

(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Realms Of Deception (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

Asgard had finally seemed to settle at peace after ages of war against the Lutilians, a fearsome race that was put in their place by Odin and his sons. However, now a new threat has arisen. A, the God of Flames and a practitioner of forbidden black magic, who was thought to be killed in a battle against Thor, has been detected to be alive. Odin sent the forces of Asgard against him, resulting in the death of Heimdall, who was an ally of A.

The God of Flames escaped Asgard and disappeared somewhere in the nine realms...

[Midgard - Earth]

The year is 2023, in the cold seasons of New York, where A lives in disguise, leading the life of an ordinary human while plotting his moves and practicing his own forbidden art.

Odin has once again detected the God of Flames and has sent B, an honorable Goddess, to confront A but in a unique manner. Odin needed to know the exact plans of A, so he ordered B to take on a human disguise and meet him as a stranger, eventually getting as close as she could.

The two would fall for each other on Earth. A, who has developed honest and lovely feelings for B, while she only considered this as a mission, has also developed a slight soft spot for A. The two would eventually confront each other in a way when he was about to disclose the truth about himself and the world that she's unaware of, and before he could, she determines his moves and discloses her true self to him, notifying him of everything going on.

(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Thrones and Shadows (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

B is the Queen of Denmark, a real monarchy with a rich history. A is her former lover and a powerful mafia boss. They share a complex history that dates back several years when they were deeply in love. However, their relationship ended on unfortunate terms due to B's arrogance, as A phrased it. They hadn't seen each other for a straight decade until now.

Tensions were escalating in Denmark, with small yet violent conflicts erupting in various regions. B, who held a rebellious personality and a strong desire to handle problems independently, often found herself at odds with her royal advisors and the traditional expectations of her role. She was determined to resolve these issues on her own.

Meanwhile, A, a formidable figure in the criminal underworld, received word of the growing unrest in Denmark. Aware of their shared history and B's propensity for handling things her way, he decided to pay her an unexpected visit. B had not been informed of A's arrival by her advisors or family, which led to a mixture of anger and shock when she laid eyes on him again.

(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) The Incantation (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

A and B are a newly married couple. The two have been together since forever, Starting to date only when they were in middle school the two ended up starting a peaceful life together. They moved out of the big city to a rather quiet countryside.

A was able to transfer is work to the small town, Continuing his profession as a local cop while B was his traditional housewife. The two bought a new house, One which they dreamt to live in for the rest of their lives. However, Things took a nasty turn once B started to experience some paranormal activities.

She decided to keep it to herself and didn't stressed over it at all, Until she woke up once in the middle of a stormy night to someone knocking on the door. As B approached the doorstep, She realized that something isn't right and faints at the sight of a toddler covered in blood. She opens her eyes in the hospital to A standing by her side comforting her while the doctor notified of B's miscarriage. However, Things continued to worsen and A just blamed it all on B's mental health until he experienced it himself.

[More TO COME]
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This is the list of my Kinks and Limits. I won't do anything that is a limit of mine, Do not push me to do so otherwise I will simply just tell you or maybe unfriend / block you if needed.

(⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽) Kinks (⥼⤙✠⊹✠⤚⥽)

Name Moaning
Risky Sex
Hair Pulling
Rough Sex
Inappropriate Conversation
Touching - Teasing
Cum Shower
C*ck Worshipping
Clothed Sex
Tying Up
Roleplaying In Bed

Note -;-

I will always play a Dominant male, I WON'T play Submissive or Switch. That isn't in my interests so keep this in mind.

Limits -


Note -;-

I won't like any of these things in our story, Though stuff such as Cuckoldry can be fine for the sake of the story but it shouldn't include any sort of degradation or other stuff regarding my character.
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This post is exclusively the rules I want you to follow as we write, Firstly I obviously won't block you if you forget these but I assume these are the most normal and basic rules we all can agree on.

If you add me, Leave a message please. Otherwise I may have had lost the track of my friend list due to the ongoing stories, Let me know if you had anything in mind specifically otherwise we can always discuss our own story.

My stories mainly focus of a plot which INCLUDES mature content when it leads to it most of the time, At the same time I won't write stories that are centered around Er*t*ca.

I do not like to write extreme fantasy stuff, That isn't my cup of tea. I am not good at it nor do I see the need to improve in it. I prefer real life stories and even science fiction sometimes, Though I haven't ever written any Sci Fi stories but it really catches my interest.

I am not here to banter about the stuff out of character, Not to be rude or anything but as this is a Roleplaying site, Let's keep it this way. I won't share my social handles, I have Discord but I won't prefer it. However we can head over there once I like our story enough.

I will not accept one liners, I really hate when I receive a paragraph of 5 lines in exchange of Novella. Please do not bother to send the request if you are a one liner. I will simply decline your request and then block you if you keep spamming the requests.

I won't prefer any real face claims but I'm open if that is strictly what you use. I like Ai and Semi Realistic Ai face claims. Others aren't really something I look up to. There are a variety of Face claims in my albums, Try to match with them.

I won't write stories which consists of crazy age gaps.

No Satanism bullsh*t and no MxM.

These are all the rules for now, Others can surely come when it is the right time. Till then, Make sure you at least give this a look. Add me and let's write a story together!
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