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(Cleopatra pharaoh)
27 / Female / Single
Seoul , Korea (South)
Hi I’m luna Katrina

Luna the laughing hyena or Luna the cat

Nickname: Lulu , Kat , riri , princess , moonlight , godness

Gender: female


Vampire age: 1,000 years old young

Height: 5’4

Bra size: 38c

She/ her

Info: Luna was born in pits of hell cursed life blood lust being vampire and elf until Count Dracula took little one in his wife treated both of them like a princess and daughter of Dracula linage meeting bride wife would always terrorised her as count was dressed a human normal couple took adoptive daughter in being innocent always reading studying travelling around the world , hunting expand on experience while keeping identity secret from Hunter about daughter of vampire discovery intrigued to live among human learn about culture of living among medieval and Victorian times with king , queen , princess , empire of solider , healer , midwife , barmaid has the power to be shapeshifter from innocence tiny girl to big average girl with watermelon.

Occupation: mother , stripper , mistress, babysitter, , cosplay cute nerd gamer , sfw actress

Heritage: Indian , British , Arabian, Kenya

Language: Hindi , Japanese, Chinese, Korean , Spanish , Arabic , German , Italian , Polish , Danish , French, English.

Species: human , princess , knight , vampire , elf , shapeshifter , godness , time lord , caregiver

Personality: innocence, outgoing , carefree , cute , sweet , kind , caring , friendly

Hobbies: travelling around the world, parties , cooking, exploring wilderness, hunting , flying

Sexuality: bi/ lesbian leans more towards female

R/S: single

LGBT friendly 18 + supernatural fantasy medieval/ Victorian gothic horror drama and romance they’ll be scene of n*fw

Mxf , fxf , fxnb, fxt

You add you talk no exceptions only time I won’t accept requests if I’m not interested saves both of us wasting time.

Writing examples:

Hi I’m luna would you like to go to my castle?

- invite guest to home luring them to danger enjoy seducing prey leads them to bathroom takes my dress off gets naked goes into water relaxes give signal to join them in the tub -

Communication is important dicuss ideas in dms more than brainstorm plots and ideas to get storyline going.

Be kind and be nice, respect towards each other please

If you don’t like my method

- unfriend you -

Simple both of us move on

Rp ideas:

Mom x stepson x stepdaughter

Maths/ dance / pe teacher x student

Gym instructor x client

Mistress x pet

Princess x bodyguard

Princess x management

Princess x knight

King x princess

Queen x prince

Celebrity x fan

Space pirate x hostage

Stalker x victim

Godness x stranger

Stripper x cilent

Boss x cilent

Babysitter x mom friend

Bf x gf


Wife x wife

Husband x wife

Husband x wife best friend

Wife x husband best friend

Wife x wife best friend

Doctor x nurse

Doctor x doctor

Doctor x patient

Therapist x patient

Vampire x human

Vampire x vampire Hunter

Vampire x vampire

Witch x vampire

Siren x human

Kassandra ( assassin creed odyssey)

Athena (anicent Greek )

Cleopatra ( ancient Egypt)

Into one piece Halrious anime.

If girl isn’t interested take the hint she ain’t interested I don’t like guys who are forceful do not try to control me my bark is worse than bites so I’d stay well clear do not tolerate that kind of behaviour.

No hard feelings nothing personal harmless flirty playful banter.

Made this far you are amazing ❤

Spreading lgbt awareness and positivity



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// I was never the villain nor hero just ordinary person, ppl make out the person is the villain of the story they no one else blame but themselves we go about daily life like normal nothing happened, I’m strong bc never tolerate anyone strong mind mean never give up also know when choose battle or be silent if my honesty doesn’t agree with you your in the wrong I’m honourable promise is promise I keep to never go back on it a good person know good friend or bad friend intentions.
Mood: thoughtful
1  Feb 17th 2024 21:47

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