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21 / Female / Single
Michigan - United States
Multi-Ship: 18+ Only

Supernatural Account:

I play mostly canon characters but crossover and original friendly

Favorite Pairings: MxM, MxF

Please read my rules:

Got a lot of rps going on so I'm very selective of who I roleplay with, but I'm always up for hearing ideas for Saiki K. and Mob Psycho

Likes: anime tropes, pyhsically OP characters with mental flaws, will vs. fate/nature, symbolic/fictionalized mental disorders, horror, modern fantasy, some modern sci fi, romance, comedy, crazy powers with unusal rules

Dislikes: Scenes that are too depressing, reallife mental disorders (getting a little too real for my taste), slice of life, pretty much anything too realistic, standard d&d style medieval setting

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