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(Mark Harper)
30 / Male / Single
United States
dont be scared to add / inbox me for hot private rp , requests will be done automatically so no need to wait for me to accept you then please inbox ( don't post on wall as you might not get a reply or just like one of my posts as that wont tell me anything ) if you got something you like to rp out but dont just say " hi / hey / how u? /rp ? " ramble on about your character saying that you are a para roleplayer but never come up with ideas or a starter / leave after 2 replies / keep me on hold for days/weeks/months as I need ideas to work and a bit of detail with replies or I might not reply back if all you say is " u ok ? " so no ones liners as its not worth checking back on messages all the time, my roleplay is for adults only so no mickey mouse accounts by kids or drama queens , I don't spend all my time on here so at least wait for a reply before you unfriend me , I mostly reply back within 15 hours * 18+ RP *

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When Innocent, Cute, Bubbly Loyal Wife turns Sl*tty Women For Husband Friend who makes her all barrier in the middle of silent Night, while her husband peacefully fast asleep in his bedroom. The undescribable pleassure without any noise, want more
// Anyone Up For Roleplay
Mood: aroused
1  Jan 16th 2021 01:53

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Q. Is it just a facebook page not a facebook profile?
A. I had profile, but Facebook deletred it. So using Facebook page, till it exist.

Lucky you still have profile.

I am looking for someone on Facebook, who can share password,
 May 7th 2020 02:19

Q. What’s your facebook page?
 May 7th 2020 02:07

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