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(Mao Darkness)
34 / Female / Its Complicated
In the dark depths of fire, Being an sexy minx - Romania
Mao is an minx devil and Succubus lurks into the night in bedrooms of males that sleep paralyzes them in their sleep.

Hello there Stranger.

Mao is my character and she will dominate you. I love to roleplay dark themes gore romance even if your human. Fantasy and Supernatural. I only do Novella Para amd Multi-Para. One Liners is an no if you ask if I do one liners I will ignore and reject. My character is 10000 years old she looks 18. Anyways My only Rule is Respect me and I will respect you. If I don't respond to DMs then Real Life comes first. I will not always be on so don't get your panties into an bunch. I accept all rp stories.

Thank you for your time.

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