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23 / Male / Single
United Kingdom

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I'm not new to writing, nor this site.
I've decided to return to this site to rekindle my love for writing with another person, given this wish to flourish my love for it once more, I have a few rules and requests and they are quite simple.


Treat me with respect and how you would like to be treated; Grant me kindness and it shall be returned. I shall not beg for the bare minimum.
Just use your common sense, if you do not posses that, I will take note of that quickly and you shall be removed.
I am not tolerate towards those who treat me poorly and they shall simply be removed in a matter of seconds.

If I notice you do not help progressing and keeping our story fresh, I will remove you after a maximum of two warnings.
This is also applicable during the sketching phase, I will not be the only one putting in an effort; Whether I add you or you add me we should both put in our all.

Just like everyone else, I have a life outside of this site, I attend university and my part time job, so replies may vary depending on how busy I may be during the day.
Besides having a life, I also have feelings and a social battery. Some days I may not be able to reply simply due to the fact I do not have the energy to do so, or the creativity.


For those curious, Liaison holds the meaning of a close bond or connection. I thought the word sounded utterly enchanting and once finding out the different meanings behind it and this one in particular, I felt drawn.

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I'm currently going through a very rough and painful fever... Gosh this is really not my lucky month...
6  Nov 29th 2023 11:43

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