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Phase 1 "Welcome to Ormond "

Susie, A highschool aged girl who lived with her aunt. A very shy, And even more naive girl. Tending to stay alone, She had two friends. Julie and Joey, Eventually Frank would join them. Julie was a beautiful girl who was convinced she deserved a better life in Ormond. Joey, Well Joey was impulsive and loved to show off. He was the first to notice the dark side of Susie. And tried to encourage her as time went on.

Frank showed up. And he was a instant Idol to the group of kids, and interesting to the rest of the town. Getting into fights and causing trouble to get kicked out and booted to the next foster family. But this time. His foster dad wouldn't let that happen. He was convinced he was going to change frank no matter what.

Frank was obviously older than the rest of the group. And had gotten expelled from school. When he encouraged the others to join him in forming "The Legion" at this time they were mainly bullies and stuck with vandalism.

Susie, Well she enjoyed this new found power being able to scare and put down just about everyone who used to make her suffer. But only if The Legion was with her.

Phase 2 "Enter Entity"

Up at Mount Ormond, There were no rules and nothing to stop the Legion once they had their mask on. A game of truth or dare led to Frank daring Joey to vandalize the store that recently fired him. Joey being the show off agreed and they all loaded up into his car and headed into town, Making a few quick pit stops along the way to trash a building leaving their mark.

Arriving at the store they broke in using the back door. Most of the lights were off and Joey said no one would be there. Walking around the store all of them causing trouble. Julie bent down to grab a soda can, Before she could open it a cleaner grabbed her arm. Instinctively something came over frank he rushed the cleaner with his knife plunging it into his back, Hearing Julies stifled cries, Joey and Susie rushed over.

Frank ordered them to finish the man saying they were all in this together. Joey didn't say anything just nodding grabbing the knife plunging it into his back again, Susie protested saying she didn't want to but. Julie grabbed the knife reluctantly stabbing him with her eyes closed.

Frank pulled Susie over guiding her hand making her pull the knife out and force it into his throat finishing him off. She let go her hands coated in blood she whimpered curling up crying as she hid her face in her knees. Frank picked her up carrying her into the car as Joey brought the body to the trunk. So they could bury him back up at Mount Ormond.

Phase 3 "descent"

Phase 4 "gone"

Phase 4.2 alternative "redemption"
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