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(Kat Hyun Lee)
24 / Female / Single
Arizona - United States
Hey there! I'm Kat Hyun Lee and I'm 21 years old. I have an older brother named Junho who's 26 and is in 2PM. I'm a fashion model as well as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and dancer of my group Joker!, yet so many people mistaken me for being Son Naeun of Apink. It gets really annoying but it's fun to sometimes pretend being her since she's like an older sister to me! I help out many K-pop boy bands with their dancing and singing such as Beast, 2PM, Shinee, BTS, EXO, etc. My hobbies are singing, dancing, caring for animals, making sweets, and creating new songs. I have a black wolf named Won Jun, a light orange tabby Tae Min, and a Golden Retriever named Su Woong. I don't date well but I'm a hopeless romantic and can move on quickly from those who reject my love. I'm fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. I hope to talk you soon!!

My wonderful best friend and awesome roleplayer: @DamiStormEXE

My baby boy: @Your_Desire

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Q. Would you rather travel to space or travel to the ends of the sea?
A. Space! ^u^
 Apr 29th 2019 14:52

Q. Hey bestie do you mind putting my Michael on your profile and I will do the same on mine (:
A. I will gladly do it!
 Mar 28th 2019 01:23

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Oct 31st 2020 03:47

Heya Kat, it's been a while! How are you doing? ❤
Sep 19th 2020 14:53

I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 14:18

Apr 3rd 2020 13:57

Hey sweetie, I'm sorry for not being around much
Mar 23rd 2020 21:25

So glad we back in contact! >~<
Feb 21st 2020 18:10

hey i hope all is well hun :)
Jan 23rd 2020 00:50

Darling dearest come back to me ❤
Jan 21st 2020 20:15

//Miss cha :p
Dec 22nd 2019 10:51

//long time no talk hope all is well.:) feel free to dm me anytime also check out my blogs over 50 new characters have been added
Nov 24th 2019 22:24