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Latest Questions

Q. *pouts* no YOU!!
A. Haha nope, you are
 Jul 8th 2021 07:41

Q. Can you guess who is cute
A. Hmmm you
 Jul 8th 2021 03:55

Latest Comments

Jul 8th 2021 03:55

*hayley smiles* im the embodiment of greed and your all MINE!
Jul 2nd 2021 12:42

Jul 2nd 2021 12:41

Jul 2nd 2021 12:40

Today is my birthday. I would appeeciate it if you could start replying to me as a birthday gift....
Jan 11th 2021 19:06

Im not trying to be rude but can you please reply to me? It has been a month and ghosting is against my rules.
Jan 10th 2021 17:52

If your not too busy could you reply to me? Also Happy New Years!
Jan 1st 2021 13:18

Super fun roleplayer, I'm really glad I added them! Definitely add!
Dec 17th 2020 21:39