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I'm probably not going to be online much during my trip, sorry if anyone is waiting for a reply >.<
Mood: anxious
2  Nov 22nd 2021 23:16

Latest Questions

OtakuRP asked the question
Q. How have you been and do you have a discord?
A. Ups and downs, and yes I do
 Jul 8th 2021 19:55

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sure yeah ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Nov 1st 2021 19:47

Are you just naturally nice to everyone? Because Idk why but when you call me those nicknames I feel special even tho I am not T^T
Nov 1st 2021 19:42

Heyyy I just wanted to say hi idk why (^ω^)
Nov 1st 2021 19:37