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(Jenna Mari)
21 / Female / Single
Connecticut - United States
My old account was from back when I joined in like 2015 so I've got a good bit of experience. I love a good longterm rp and I'll give as much as you put in. RP is a two way street after-all. Oh, I also prefer to use OCs created on an individual basis.

Latest Questions

Q. Can we talk please ? When you find time I would like to speak about our role play.
A. Hi if you shoot me a message we can speak. Although if you’ve read my statuses you’ll be aware I’m suffering from writers block lately
 Jun 13th 2020 17:23

Latest Comments

Thank you so much, love. I'm glad that it's finally finished. :)
Jun 6th 2020 10:57

thank you, I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself
May 28th 2020 09:36

May 26th 2020 11:03

Sorry to hear. I personally don't dislike rain if I am inside.
May 26th 2020 10:11

Thanks. Same goes for you too if you want to chat from time to time. :)
May 22nd 2020 13:46

Thanks. Yours was too ^^. I am actually writing my ones very hastily to be honest. Dealing with a lot irl so been kinda busy. :(
May 22nd 2020 11:47