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(Jake Willis)
22 / Male / Single
Florida - United States
Name: Jake Willis

Personality: Funny, Sarcastic, Caring, make people laugh

He play basketball and ride a motorbike. He like to hang out with his mates at the bar and fix stuff in his free time when he get bored or someone ask him to do it for them.

More to come soon.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes I did but thanks :)
 Jun 26th 2015 05:55

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She looked at him for a long moment. "I'm sorry. I didn't know this was going on."
Sep 9th 2018 17:19

She raised an eyebrow then chuckled slightly. "Yeah but I don't do drugs anymore. It caused too many problems." She stated. She folded her hands together. "Your friends sound like wankers. You don't seem happy. Why do you stay here?" she says
Sep 3rd 2018 23:22

She followed him inside. She looked around the flat. "Nice place." She says simply before sitting on the sofa. She haipply accepted the bottle of beer he gave her. She took a sip. She drifted her eyes up toward him. "So did you want to do?" She asks.
Sep 2nd 2018 20:49

"Ok I'll be right over."she says. She walked out the door and got into the car. She parked in front of his house. She knocked on the door.
Aug 25th 2018 14:59

"Do you mind if I won't be any trouble. Promise." she says
Aug 25th 2018 12:49

"Do you mind if I won't be any trouble. Promise." she says
Aug 25th 2018 12:49

"Yeah sure. Cool. My friend's asleep. So I don't know." She says.
Aug 25th 2018 01:32

She laughs. "Were you expecting anyone else?" she says
Aug 23rd 2018 06:14

The restaurant closes for the night. Everyone has gone home. Effy goes back to her flat that she shares with Pandora. She opens the door. Completely quiet. Her friend is already sleep. She was careful to not make any noise. She pulls out her mobile and dials Jake's number. It starts ringing.
Aug 23rd 2018 00:53

"Yeah I'll text you later." She says before standing up. The manager gives her an earful. She ignores him. She goes straight to work.
Aug 21st 2018 19:29