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(Luke Perkins )
17 / Male / In a Relationship
Hogwarts, United Kingdom
Name: Luke Perkins

Houses: Slytherin

Blood: Half-blood from his father (pureblood, slytherin) and his late mother (muggleborn). He have a little sister Sarah (Half-blood, Slytherin) and little brother @geeky

Is a Slytherin chaser for Quidditch

Personality: Friendly, funny, cheeky, overprotective of his sister and friends, nothing like any slytherin boys.

Luke have a secret past (not dark past, tragic one)

I'm not single. @TheSlytherinPrincess stole my heart already.

Latest Comments

She giggled and kissed back smiling “your welcome” she smiled
Sep 23rd 2019 17:24

She smiled as it was a new pair of trainers he was talking about for awhile “I know you wanted them so I went into the muggle world and got you them” she smiled
Sep 23rd 2019 17:15

Freya smiles “happy one year” she span around and kissed his jaw softly smiling holding out a box for him.
Sep 23rd 2019 15:07

I'm good! How are you?
Sep 23rd 2019 10:54

Hey there, I'm Ember!
Let's chat sometime :)
Sep 22nd 2019 15:59

Looks up at him “we was going to do something worse but I said no” she said
Apr 1st 2019 12:41

She sobbed into his chest “they just push me around. Steal my stuff and blame me for everything they did wrong” she cried
Apr 1st 2019 12:24

“All it was. Was me and Pansy put some temporary hair dye in there shampoo” her eyes still running with tears
Apr 1st 2019 12:17

She looked away wiping her tears with her hand “I know I’m pathetic....” she said
Apr 1st 2019 12:13

Freya held her self “they think they are better then home I feel like I’m not real” she looked down
Apr 1st 2019 12:06